50 years ago

June 1967

• The Galles clothing store in downtown Redwood Falls was robbed in broad daylight on a Wednesday morning when thieves stole $1,430 worth of knitted outfits and trimmed suede coats through the back doorway leading to the alley.

• Little League pitcher Dave Patten pitched a no-hitter, but his team still lost 3-2.

• Fifty-five Girl Scouts canoeing from Big Stone Lake to New Ulm planned on camping in North Redwood, but they ended up spending the night at the First United Methodist Church due to torrential rains.

• The John Franta family of Wabasso was vacationing in Rapid City, S.D. when a tornado hit nearby. The Frantas took shelter under some concrete seats as they watched a hotel, with lots of plate glass windows, be demolished in front of them. When the Frantas got home, they discovered broken glass fragments in their hair.

• Mrs. Lucy Barackman of Duluth was the special guest at the First United Presbyterian Church of Redwood Falls’ centennial celebration. She had been married in the church 66 years earlier, June 26, 1901.

25 years ago

June 1992

• Rick Ellingworth hung up his cleats after 15 years on the coaching staff of the RFHS football team.

• Wood Dale Nursing Home resident Edna Clark celebrated her 100th birthday reminiscing about how, when she was a little girl in Canada, she once sang in a choir directed by John Philip Sousa when he was passing through town.

• Local artist Dorothea Paul gave a watercolor painting demonstration at the Harkin Store near New Ulm.

• The Redwood County board petitioned Gov. Arne Carlson and President George Bush to declare the county a disaster area after tornados caused an estimated $15 million in damage the previous week.

• Speaking of the tornado, Brian Evers found a check in an envelope on his property that had apparently been deposited there by the tornado that passed over Delhi.

• A study by the Minnesota Planning Department found that 30 percent of all single-parent families in Redwood County were headed by men.

• The First Presbyterian Church of Redwood Falls celebrated its 125th anniversary the same weekend that St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Wabasso celebrated its 100th.

10 years ago

June 2007

• The Redwood Rainbows 4-H Club purchased 50 recycling bins for aluminum cans and plastic bottles and 30 bins for collecting litter, and it offered them for use at a variety of local events, including the county fair.

• A senior citizen wrote in to the Gazette to thank the city for providing a TV crew that let her watch the annual community parade from her living room.

• With approximately 80 percent of RVMS/HS students having cell phones, the school board passed a new rule prohibiting their use in school both to cut down on distractions and on cheating.

• The Redwood Falls Golf Course had four players record holes-in-one in the span of one week, all at different holes.