The Affiliated Community Medical Center (ACMC) in Redwood Falls has a new face in the building as of April 19. That day Darlene Allen took over the role of site manager for the clinic.

According to Allen, that role has a variety of aspects from helping manage the day-to-day activities of the site to ensuring the staff has what it needs to best serve the people who come from the community.

There are also plenty of administrative roles Allen will perform as site manager, adding for her it is about working with everyone involved with ACMC in Redwood Falls as well as throughout the clinic’s system.

In fact, Allen’s role also includes performing the same site manger tasks at the ACMC site in Granite Falls.

“I plan to split my time 50-50,” said Allen, adding that may change from week to week based on what is happening at each site.

Allen, who has called Marshall home for all of her life, earned a degree in business administration from Southwest Minnesota State University and has spent her career developing the skills she needs to perform the tasks as an ACMC site manager.

Allen said while working at Schwan’s in Marshall one of her bosses asked her where she saw herself in terms of her career in the future. That question prompted Allen to reflect on what she was doing and where she wanted to be.

“What I wanted was a career that would allow me to give more to the community,” said Allen.

While she has not worked in the medical industry in the past, Allen brings myriad areas of experience to her role. Having 25 years of experience in business, Allen said she has done everything from working in logistics and accounting to providing training for colleagues. She has also had the opportunity to work in consumer relations as well as safety and quality improvement.

“I believe these are the skills I need to succeed in my role as site manager,” said Allen.

Allen said she appreciates the opportunities she had in her previous employment. 

However, Allen said she felt there was a need to do something that felt more fulfilling for her. The role as site manager for the two ACMC clinics fits that very well, she added.

Allen said she is enjoying the new role, adding it is exciting to be involved with such an important industry for a community. Knowing the clinic is having a direct impact on the people it serves as it cares for their health needs is very rewarding.

“I really enjoy what I am doing,” she said. “I am working with a great group of people, and the communities are very nice.”

Allen said she is excited about what Redwood Falls has to offer, adding she knows there are wonderful things available in the community.

“I love to walk,” she said, adding that means in the days and weeks to come the public might just see her out and about during her lunch breaks on the streets of town.

Allen knows her role also means keeping up with the constant changes taking place in the medical field to ensure what is being offered to the people who come through the doors of ACMC have what they need and the staff at the clinic has access to the things they need to best perform their care roles.

Allen and her husband, Steve, who is a photographer, have two children, including a daughter who is married and lives in Mankato (Allen mentioned with a smile that her first grandchild will soon be arriving), and a son who is a junior at Marshall High School.

Speaking of family, Allen said being from this area means she knows there are family connections in the communities she is serving, and she also recognized the fact that she might encounter people she worked with in her previous roles. She is looking forward to that.

Allen said she appreciates the relationship that exists between ACMC and the Redwood Area Hospital, and she looks forward to continuing to build on that in the future.

Recognizing one of her roles is also to reach out to the community, Allen said she is looking forward to meeting the people of Redwood Falls and finding ways to serve. She is also excited to be helping organize the clinic’s involvement in the upcoming community parade.

Allen said she is happy to be serving in her new role and is looking forward to doing what she can to make the experience for everyone who walks through the doors of ACMC the best it can be.