More than two decades ago, Larry Arentson and his family arrived in Redwood Falls.

“We came to town in 1994,” said Arentson, who moved to work as an agronomy salesman at a company in Olivia.

Having grown up and started his career in Iowa, Arentson was recruited to move north, and upon a recommendation settled his family, including his wife, Pam, and their three sons, who were six, four and two, in Redwood Falls. For the past 20-plus years Arentson has called Redwood Falls his home, and over that time he has learned to appreciate the community he now is going to serve as the Ward 3 representative on the city council.

Arentson’s journey to public service is not the traditional path one would take, as he was appointed to the seat when the previous council member stepped down to take on a different role. Arentson took the oath of office at the Feb. 7 council meeting and immediately pulled up a chair and got to work. 

Arentson has learned a lot about politics over the past several months, as he opted to run for a city council seat in 2016, but ultimately lost that election. Yet, just a few months later he was able to get involved in city government through this unique situation.

Arentson will fill the seat for the third ward through 2018 when a new election will take place.

Arentson is not unfamiliar with leadership, as he has served for a number of years on the board of elders at Redwood Alliance Church, as a member of the Redwood Falls library commission, as a Redwood County Republican party board member and treasurer, and he is currently serving on the board for the Minnesota ag cooperative safety division. E

xpressing his excitement about the new opportunity, Arentson said this is a great time to be involved in what is going on in Redwood Falls. Redwood Falls, he said, has a lot going for it right now, as its amenities are second to none.

Yet, he added, it is the people who are the city’s greatest asset.

“The people here are very welcoming,” said Arentson. “This is a vibrant community with a lot going for it right now.”

The community, added Arentson, has so much potential, and it is his hope as a member of the city council to find ways to enhance the business community, especially along the Bridge Street (TH19/71) corridor. Having the right types of business along that well-traveled stretch of the community is good for the local economy and tourism.

Arentson said he hopes to bring a new perspective to the city council as he serves, adding he knows there is a lot to be learned as he works with the rest of the council, the staff and the community as a whole to make Red-wood Falls an even better place than it is now.

“I want to ensure Redwood Falls has a bright future and continues to be a great place to live,” he said.

Arentson said he has already felt welcomed by the other members of the city council and the city staff, and he is looking forward to the chance he will have to work with them. He currently works in Olivia as a safety and compliance manager, and he hopes those areas of expertise can be utilized in his service to the community.

“Redwood Falls has been a great place to live and raise a family,” said Arentson, and he just wants others to be able to experience that too.