50 years ago

February 1967

• Several lacking-in-intelligence criminals broke into Becker’s Skelly service station in North Redwood and stole $60, leaving behind very clear fingerprints and tire tracks.

• Redwood County township officials completed a 16-hour course in how to test soils for radioactive fallout contamination in case of a nuclear war.

• The Redwood Falls post office reported several problems: people kept stealing the FBI “Most Wanted” posters from the main lobby – 30 of them in just the past week – while two area post office boxes were blown up by vandals. One of the post office boxes exploded with such force it took the siding off the house it was mounted on.

• Foreign exchange students from nine area schools met in Redwood Falls for a day of visiting and comparing notes with Redwood’s Tom Tiffany, who had spent the year in the Philippines. The students were from Germany, Ecuador, Sweden, Luxembourg, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain and Austria.

25 years ago

February 1992

• Redwood County residents spent $800,000 on state lottery tickets in 1991.

• The school board voted to begin a high school Spanish program – but only if it could be taught through the school’s interactive TV system with other schools.

• The students in Ilene Hokanson’s first-grade class learned about history and art while making handmade quilts.

• Jen Lothert, 1991 Redwood Falls Area Young Woman of the Year, was one of 20 from Minnesota to compete in the state program.

10 years ago

February 2007

• Irv Quesenberry, 100, noted that whenever he asked anyone to guess his age, they never guessed he was more than 78 years old.

• Altimate Medical of Morton provided the ABC Extreme Home Makeover show with an Easystand standing frame as part of a home makeover for a policewoman who had been paralyzed in the line of duty.

• A water main break 10 feet underground in the industrial park section forced employees of the companies there to bring bottled water to work to flush toilets.

• Elvera Kahnke, whose middle name was “Valentina,” celebrated Valentine’s Day by turning 100 years old.