A poster designed by Brooke Arneson will be featured on a USAC billboard in Sleepy Eye.

As part of National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, Jan. 23 to 29, Brown County USAC (Underage Substance Abuse Coalition) coordinated with Brown County schools on a billboard contest for students in grades three through six. The students were invited to create a poster using one of the following slogans:

1. A Healthy Me is Drug Free!

2. Too cool for drugs

3. It’s up to Me to be Drug‐Free

4. I Have the Power to be Drug‐Free

5. Bee Drug‐Free

Thea Spillance, USAC Program Director said the committee received many great posters to determine the winners of the contest. “There were so many great ones, but we really had to vision it on a billboard and how it was going to be easy to read and send the right message,” she said.

First, second and third place winners were chosen from each community—New Ulm, Sleepy Eye and Springfield. The first place winners will have their drawings made into a billboard and placed in their community. Second place winners will receive a 20 dollar gift card from Subway and the third place winners will receive a 10 dollar gift card from Subway. we will announce on Thursday.

Winners of the contest are:

In Sleepy Eye—Brooke Arneson-first place and Zachariah Ernst-second place, students at Sleepy Eye Elementary School and Jasmine Petermann-third place, St. Mary's School. Brooke's design will be featured on a billboard.

Brayden Wendt, Russell Beers and Brenna Pabst in Springfield.

Kendal Conrad, Megan Ubel and Taylea Metzger in New Ulm.