50 years ago

February 1967

• There was no mail delivery in Redwood Falls Thursday after two carriers were injured in falls on icy sidewalks the previous day.

• Mrs. Anne Henton Keefe, of Hastings, celebrated her 100th birthday by reminiscing about living in Morton when she was a girl back in the 1880s.

• Local Cardinal sports fans proposed creating a booster club to keep enthusiasm high while the high school teams were facing losing seasons.

• Ray D. Anderson of Redwood Falls complained to the city council to finally do something about the problem of nails puncturing tires on the road to the city dumping grounds. Anderson reported a snow tire on his car had 11 nail holes in it, and his wife’s car sometimes got two flat tires a day.

• The Redwood Falls Board of Education voted to raise the starting pay for new teacher by another $50 a year.

25 years ago

February 1992

• The county Day Activity Center (DAC) Enterprises and Service Industries decided to merge since they both provided so many complementary services for the vocationally disabled.

• Fenske Construction of Redwood Falls beat out six other state bidders to win the $250,000 courthouse remodeling project.

• Even though the Wal-Mart corporation concluded the purchase of a site for a proposed new store in Redwood Falls, the company still refused to officially confirm whether or not it was planning on building a store in the community.

• The RVHS wrestling team was hit with more season-ending injuries in just a couple weeks than coach Dennis Stoterau had seen in the previous 18 seasons.

• Minnesota Twins announcer John Gordon, of WCCO Radio, spoke at RVHS about the importance of Christianity in professional sports.

10 years ago

February 2007

• Area restaurant owners discussed how a proposed indoor smoking ban by the state would hurt their businesses.

• RVMS student Alex Munsterman won the annual spelling bee.