50 years ago
January 1967
• “Help me! Get me out of here!” was what Roger Swanson, of Hector, heard from a Pine Tree Dairy milk dispenser when he tried to buy a half-gallon of milk. It seems a stong wind had blown the door of the milk dispenser shut, trapping a deliveryman inside.
• The RFHS Spanish teacher was leading 24 members of the school’s Spanish Club on a trip to Mexico when he learned he had become a father to a son born to his wife at the Redwood Falls hospital.
• The Greyhound bus depot in Redwood was moved from the Skelly service station at the intersection of Bridge and Washington Streets to a former turkey hatchery office located at 315 South Wash-ington Street.
• Born Jan. 4 at 9:27 p.m., Paul David Bunting was the first baby born at the Red-wood Falls Hospital in 1967.

25 years ago
January 1992
• Redwood Valley High School seniors – and identical twins – Holly and Vickie Kitts confessed that as members of the gymnastics teams, they had more than once secretly both participated in the vaulting competition during the same match.
“Vick did one, and I did one,” Holly said. “The judges didn’t know it. We hid behind a pole while the other one was competing. When Vickie walked off, it looked like the same person.”
• Anna Marie Heiderscheidt of Morgan was the first baby born at the Redwood Falls Hospital, born at 4:23 p.m. Jan. 1.
• Wabasso High School seniors – and identical twins – Dave and Mike Goblirsch acknowledged they got approximately equal time on the floor as basketball players because “coach has a tough time telling us apart,” Mike said. “It’s easier in the games, because we have numbers. In practice, he gets us mixed up most of the time.”
• Gary Revier was sworn in as Redwood Falls mayor.

10 years ago
January 2007
• After coming close more than once, the Redwood Valley Cardinals boys hockey team finally got its first-ever victory in a 5-3 win over Becker-Big Lake.
• Ricardo Cresencio Sanchez, Jr. was the first baby born at the Redwood Area Hospital in 2007, born Jan. 5.
• The Bill and Char Lightfoot family was named the Redwood County 4-H Family of the Year.
• Redwood Valley wrestler Brady Myers earned his 75th career victory.

Photo: Curly Garrison of Redwood Falls wanted a pig’s eye view as he tried to guess the weight of the pig which was on display at the Minnesota Valley Bank’s “Prettiest Pig” contest, as seen in this photo that originally appeared in the Jan. 8, 1992 Redwood Gazette.