In August 2015, the Evangelical Free Church in Redwood Falls invested in its future by purchasing a building in the community.
Most recently a hardware store, the building along Bridge Street provides much more space for the growing congregation, said Brian Swedburg, church pastor.
Since the initial purchase of the building the congregation has been working to put together a plan to best use the 18,000 square feet of space now available, and in November the members of the church voted to approve a design plan.
With that design in place, the congregation has hired the services of a contractor who is going to begin the process of developing the church soon. Swedburg said the new church building is going to include a 300-seat sanctuary, as well as space for classrooms, office space and a kitchen.
“The increase in space is going to be awesome,” said Matt Lundeen, a member of the congregation, adding the church has been “a great place to fellowship with great people, build and develop sincere relationships and learn about Jesus.”
The good thing, added Swedburg, is that the building as a structure is in good shape, which means the work that is needed is on the inside of the building – work that can be done during the winter months.
Church member Jackie Lueck appreciates the fact that the congregation just pitches in to get things done, adding she is excited to add many of the activities going on in the church’s current downtown site will all be able to happen at once in the new building.
Swedburg said the congregation is not interested in putting up a building merely for the sake of owning its own space.
“We as a congregation need to be purposeful,” said Swedburg, adding that means utilizing the new facility to best share the good news of Jesus Christ with the community.
Swedburg also emphasized the fact that the church was not willing to push forward with a project like this without a fiscally sound plan that best utilizes the gifts God has given to the congregation.
Swedburg is hopeful that the work will go smoothly and that the congregation will be using the new site by this coming summer.
“It is essential that we use this building to meet the needs of the community and also to help each member of our congregation grow in their own faith,” said Swedburg, adding that is the true reason the church exists.