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  • Mom addicted to pregnancy: 'I won’t stop until womb falls out’

  • Pregnancy addiction is now an issue: a 37-year-old mother of four in the United Kingdom gets such a rush from being pregnant says she’ll continue to have babies until her ‘womb falls out.'
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  • Pregnancy addiction is now an issue.A 37-year-old mother of four in the United Kingdom gets such a rush from being pregnant says she’ll continue to have babies until her "womb falls out."Tara Sawyer is mom to Rebecca, 14, Harrison, 12, and twins Jack and Noah, 4, reported the Daily Mail, and although she’s stopped having babies for her own family and is now renting out her womb for free because she’s addicted to the feeling of being pregnant."Surrogacy is very addictive," Sawyer told the Daily Mail. "It’s a huge rush from the moment the test comes back positive.”Sawyer has delivered three babies in the past two years for two different couples and has birthed a total of seven times. She loves the baby bump so much that she doesn’t even charge the £15,000 ($25,300 U.S.) she is entitled to by law."It’s an amazing feeling to hand over a child to someone who desperately wants it, and I feel at my best whilst pregnant,” Sawyer told the Daily Mail.While many view Sawyer as extreme, this addiction has been recognized by mental health professionals for years."Women who are obsessed with being pregnant are literally filling an emptiness inside of them, just as alcoholics and drug addicts use substances to fill a psychological void," Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman told Women's Health Magazine.For the past several years, surrogacy has been on the rise despite its expensive price that costs as much as $100,000 in the U.S. Sawyer is happy to offer her womb for free and calls the situation a win-win because pregnancy makes her so happy. She approached her husband Matt after the birth of their twins and said he was immediately on board with the idea.“'He didn’t take a lot of convincing,” Sawyer said. “He knew I was feeling broody for the pregnancy and he knew that there was a hole that I needed to fill.”While it’s working out so far for Sawyer, other women’s lives can be destroyed by their addiction to pregnancy. Liz, who did not release her last name, told Dr. Phil in January her marriage is on the verge of divorce because she can’t get over her addiction."I don't think that I could stop having kids on my own," Liz, who has four young kids of her own and two stepchildren, told the Dr. Phil Show. "The only time that I take care of myself or value myself is when I'm pregnant."Her husband Chris said his life is a "living hell" because his wife won’t stop trying to have another baby and says they can’t afford any more children. Women like Liz get stuck in a cycle just like other addicts, Boston psychiatrist and Fox News consultant Dr. Keith Ablow told Women's Health Magazine: "Bearing another child can sometimes provide a substitute for deciding on a career path, making a marriage work, or even wrestling with questions of self-worth," Ablow said.Many mothers still desire pregnancy even though they’re done adding kids to their families, Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Bethany Marshall told Yahoo. She said babies also symbolize love “in its purest, most unconditional form.”“Not only is a pregnant stomach a physical manifestation of the love one shares with their partner, a baby needs its mother more than anyone else,” Marshall said. “For women who lacked love growing up, caring for one baby after the next ensures that they’ll always be important.”Sawyer said while she loves her own children more than anything, she’s never felt the same kind of love after giving birth to a surrogate baby.“I don’t feel like I’m giving up a baby, I feel like I’m giving it back,” Sawyer said. “I don’t feel sad handing over a child that was never mine to keep.”She acknowledges that she keeps getting pregnant to fill a void, but she feels she's found a relatively healthy way to deal with her addiction."I’m addicted to the buzz of pregnancy," she said. "If I can help childless couples at the same time it would be insane not to."
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