College football begins this week, and as far as I am concerned each Saturday from now until the end of November ought to be off limits for any scheduled events, unless, of course, they wouldn’t interest me anyway.

This week marks the official start of a new season. That’s right. College football begins, and as far as I am concerned each Saturday from now until the end of November ought to be off limits for any scheduled events, unless, of course, they wouldn’t interest me anyway. Of course, I already know there are plenty of activities taking place during the Saturdays of September and October, including an extremely busy second weekend in September. There are about three and a quarter trillion events taking place late that week and throughout the weekend. Yes, I may be exaggerating just a little bit, but I know that weekend I am going to be missing out on my college football fix. So, when I show up at your event that weekend and seem a bit cranky you now know why. Actually, I am looking forward to that weekend, as it celebrates some places that have a close connection to me. The City of Belview is hosting its annual Old SOD Day celebration that weekend, which is one of my favorites. That is only because I spent so much of my growing up years in that community enjoying the ballpark, hanging out at the Rainbow and Kim’s or just spending time at Grace Lutheran Church events. I know I am going to see lots of familiar faces I encounter just once each year, and I look forward to spending a few moments talking about the old days. That Saturday an entity that helped get me through college is celebrating an anniversary of its start in town. For two summers, I spent time working on the second shift at Zytec as a multi-functional employee assembling, testing, soldering and boxing up power supplies. It was a pretty good job. I recall during the summer when the company was making its big push for the Malcolm Baldridge Award. The company was extremely thorough. I remember sitting through some very boring videos learning about the Deming philosophy. I’m not sure if any of that sunk in, but I do know the “Just In Time” concept definitely is one I have grasped in the newspaper business. After all, each Wed-nesday and Friday at around 11 a.m. the final pages of another edition are completed and sent to the printer – just in time. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s not what the premise of the process was all about, but, for me, it works. Growing up in Redwood Falls during the 80s meant spending time at the Golden Cue for many kids, and even though I did not spend a lot of time there I did get in every once in a while to take in the atmosphere, play a video game or two and watch guys like Chuck Johnson play pool. I had friends who were pretty good at pool, and I really liked playing, too. I never got very good, though. I guess I should have spent a little less time studying and more time with a pool cue in my hand. So, the event they are having that weekend to celebrate that long-time part of Redwood Falls should be fun to take in for me. There are other events going on in the area that weekend, too, and you are going to be reading about them in upcoming editions of the Gazette. I hope to see you at these celebrations. … Remember this Monday is Labor Day, which is an official holiday. That means most government agencies and some businesses are going to be closed that day. The Gazette office is going to be among those closed businesses Monday, and with the mail not going out Monday that means you are not going to get your Monday edition of the paper until Tuesday. So, when the paper does not show up Monday, don’t call the office, because you have been warned it won’t be there. No one is going to be in the office to answer your call anyway.