As part of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, Jim and Jenny Scoates have had many opportunities to minister to people in need; earlier this month they took their service to the next level, volunteering in a hospital during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

As part of the leadership for the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA), Jim and Jenny Scoates of Redwood Falls have had a number of opportunities to minister to people in need. Yet earlier this month they took their service to the next level, as they worked in a hospital as volunteers during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. “Kerry and Lyn Christoffer talked to us about doing this last year, but I had to work,” said Jenny, adding the Montevideo couple they have gotten to know through CMA has done ministry in Sturgis for more than a decade and have spent most of them working in medical facilities. So, when Jenny opted to retire, despite being just as busy doing other things, the two decided to provide their help. During the next several days the couple experienced a number of what they called “God moments” when they knew they were being led to people and experienced circumstances that can only be explained by the Lord’s leading. According to Jim, those experiences actually started the first day as they left Pierre, S.D. heading west. After being forced to stop for about 10 minutes, the two couples got back on the road. That stop would put them in the middle of their first ministry opportunity. After arriving at their destination and settling in, the couples headed out and came upon an accident. There Jenny was able to put her trauma skills into practice. Later, Jim and Jenny were able to meet up with the family of the individual who was hurt and had the opportunity to minister to them and pray with them. After receiving some training, Jim and Jenny Scoates were assigned to the Sturgis Hospital – one of five CMA volunteers worked at – and there they were able to visit with people when they came into the emergency room for help, and after being treated helped them find ways to get back home. “We were able to talk and pray with a lot of people,” said Jim, who added whether they were in the hospital, the parking lot or other places they just kept feeling God leading them to talk with people. Members of the CMA from all over the U.S. came to help, with others assisting wherever they could as part of the week-long event. Jim and Jenny said they had never actually been to Sturgis during the rally, adding being in the main area was definitely an eye opening experience. Jenny said there were an estimated 750,000 people with 1 million expected next year for the 75th anniversary of the rally. The couple said no one refused prayer, adding those God moments really made it fun. Yes, said Jenny, they’re going back next year.