See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1964—50 years ago • Redwood Falls postmaster J.C. Budik, visiting the New York World’s Fair, saw a demonstration of “the post office of the future” in which virtually all of the office’s sorting, canceling, and post-marking was done by automated machines. • Color was the theme at the Redwood Falls airport, with the old hanger given bright orange trim, and the new hangers given multi-colored fiberglass doors. • Residents who were complaining about the heat wave just the day before woke up to turn on their heaters when the temperature plunged from 90 to 52 degrees in less than a day. • The city’s police department and the volunteer firefighters played against each other in a softball game at Westside Park. Names of the teams: The Hotshot Fireballers and the Flatfooted Fuzz. • Eugene Prechel, of 711 E. 2nd Street, came home after spending a week in two different hospitals in Saskatchewan, Canada, being treated for the “freak accident” of getting a fishing rod stuck in his right eye. 1989—25 years ago • The school board approved tentative architect’s plans for the new high school / middle school, a two-level winged complex featuring a gymnasium and fine-arts center (that is, what we’ve got now.) • The city council threatened to allow a second cable TV to be licensed in town after Star Cablevision announced it planned to increase it’s monthly rate for subscribers by a dollar a month, to $17.95. • The local Edward D. Jones investment broker installed an approximately 7 foot diameter satellite dish on his roof downtown to receive up-to-the-minute market information. • The A&W Auction Gallery held an auction dedicated to a fairly rare commodity: bear traps. The largest one, nearly two feet in diameter, sold for $1,000. • Area gas stations sadly noted the 10th anniversary of dollar-per-gallon gasoline arriving in Redwood Falls. 2004—10 years ago • The National Institute of Corrections sent representatives to Redwood Falls to look into new options for housing prisoners, including the possibility of building a new county jail. • A 72-year old Renville County farmer, hospitalized at the Redwood Area Hospital, was thought to be the fourth person in Minnesota to contract West Nile Disease. • Pavel, Vica and Olga Goncharanko, of Russia, visited town as part of a tourist visit sponsored by Living Word Church in Redwood Falls, and paid for partly by bake sales. • Curry Sanitation won its fifth ASA/USA Minnesota Sports Federation Masters Fastpitch State Championship in seven years.