Westrom said as a Congressman he would push to keep government agencies such as the EPA under control, adding the navigable waters rule has farmers fired up; “This is government overreach at its worst, and we need to start fighting back.”

Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District is one of the largest districts geographically in the nation. In fact, there are states that take up less land than District 7. So, for a candidate hoping to represent that area to meet as many people as is possible, that means putting countless miles on their modes of transport. “Being centrally located in the district has been good for me,” said Torrey Westrom, the Republican endorsed candidate for the seat in Congress. “That means I am not seven hours from anywhere in the district.” Westrom paid a visit to Redwood Falls this past Tuesday as part of his goal to get around the entire district and to as many places as many times as he can prior to the November election. During his time in town, Westrom had a chance to meet with the public during an event at the library, and he visited businesses, such as Schult Homes. 

“Redwood Falls is another example of a great Minnesota community,” said Westrom. “It is the people and businesses of a community like Redwood Falls that help make Minnesota so special.” Westrom said he has received a positive response from people across the district. Westrom, who calls Elbow Lake home, said he hears from people as he walks in parades who shout out “go shake ’em up” time and time again. Westrom is convinced people in the seventh district are ready for a change. “People seem to agree that 24 years in Congress is long enough,” he  said. “It’s time for new leadership in the district.” Among the issues Westrom has been talking about are Obamacare and the Keystone XL pipeline project. He believes in repealing the health care program that has had a negative impact on so many people, and he thinks the pipeline project needs to move ahead. He also said as a Congressman he would push to keep government agencies such as the EPA under control, adding the navigable waters rule that agency is pushing really has people, especially farmers, fired up. “This is government overreach at its worst,” he said. “We need to start fighting back.” Addressing the $17.5 billion national debt rather than kicking the can down the road by raising the debt ceiling would also be a priority, said Westrom. Westrom is a unique candidate in that he is blind from a farming accident as a child, but even though he can’t physically see he has a vision for the seventh district and Minnesota as a whole that takes it in a better direction.