See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1964—50 years ago • To officially begin the city’s 100th anniversary celebration, 1,500 buffalo burgers were served in the first hour of opening day. • Taking into account people who probably went to more than one event, the Gazette estimated a total of 65,000 people attended the various events during the city’s 100th anniversary celebrations. • Twenty-one Canadian boys and two teachers from St. John’s Cathedral School in Selkirk, Manitoba, camped under the North Redwood bridge as part of their canoe expedition from the Twin Cities to Ortonville. • Ambrose Kahnke beat 45 other competitors in The Loyal Order of Advocates of Facial Foliage to win the city’s centennial beard-growing contest. • Joyce Jensen of Redwood Falls returned after two and a half years in the Philippine Islands as part of the Peace Corps. 1989—25 years ago • Most area residents the Gazette questioned disliked the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing flag burning as a form of free speech. • Otto Siewert was honored for his 30 years umpiring for area games, having been elected to Halls of Fame for both amateur and high school baseball. • As part of his hobby tracing his family’s genealogy, Leonard Worth bought a personal computer with a program capable of holding personal information of up to 3,500 people. • A Gazette reporter spent an hour watching the railroad / County Road 101 crossing in North Redwood, and found that 119 vehicles didn’t stop, 12 made rolling stops, and 28 stopped completely. • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, universally considered the worst Star Trek movie of all time, played at the Falls Theatre. 2004—10 years ago • More than 54 years after graduating from RFHS, friends Bill Gold of Montana and Don Monson finally fulfilled a childhood goal of canoeing down the Redwood River together. • Louis Keller of North Dakota — co-inventor of the Bobcat skid loader — was inducted into the Minnesota Inventor’s Congress Hall of Fame where his photo was displayed in the same school where his grandson, Wade Mathers, was principal. • After its previous pipe organ was damaged during the move to the new building, St. Catherine’s Catholic Church installed a new keyboard synthesizer capable of making use of the old organ’s existing pipes. • Kathy Behrendt was startled to see the Tuesday edition of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: her son Eric was featured in a front-page photo working on a land mine as part of his deployment in Afghanistan as part of the 367th Engineer Battalion. • A Gazette photographer happened to be standing at the edge of the golf course when a half-dozen curious deer wandered out of the woods to watch Tom Balko mow the lawn.