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  • TROY'S COLUMN — It will be our (Victoria’s) secret

  • The only reason to be at a parade in the mind of any child who is younger than five is to sit on the curb waiting for free candy....
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  • The Krause clan enjoys traveling to community parades, and I like the chance to be able to enjoy these kids of events with the Krause children. There is just something about a small-town parade that represents what is good about the rural way of life. There is also something pretty special about seeing the wide-eyed innocence of a child who is still learning about life and is there for one very important reason. No, it has nothing to do with politicians – although they sure like the stickers regardless of which side is offering them. The only reason to be at a parade in the mind of any child who is younger than five is to sit on the curb waiting for free candy. In fact, it would seem it is their right as a kid. So, when the Krauses made it over to Milroy June 21 for the Fun Days parade, we encouraged the kids to grab some kind of bag, bucket or other device that could hold their candy. One would not think there would be any kind of concern in that, but then not everyone has a Martha in their home. My Martha’s favorite color is pink, and so to be able to hold her candy in a pink bag she found in the back room was the best of all worlds. Thinking nothing of it, the Krauses loaded into the vehicles we would use to get us to our destination. It was only in unloading from the Krause van that a discovery was made. The bag my Martha was carrying was from Victoria’s Secret (it said so in big white letters), which caused her father to laugh out loud (it wasn’t my bag) pointing it out to her mother, who had already discovered it – much to her chagrin. I’m not sure how many people realized what a this four-year-old was carrying that morning, but when the Vesta parade came around this past Sunday we paid a little more attention to her choice of candy carriers. Yes, Family Life Ministries was a much better choice. … Most of the Krause progeny were gone over the weekend, which meant the Vesta parade was only attended by the youngest two of the Krause clan. So, with that knowledge it was assumed by this dad there would be a couple of young kids who would be in candy heaven enjoying the fact that they had all of it to themselves. What I saw instead was surprising to say the least. When my Martha went upstairs to divide up that candy I assumed I needed to make sure Gideon was getting his fair share. When I checked on them I saw something totally unexpected. On each of her siblings’s sleeping areas was a pile of candy. Apparently, Martha got the message about sharing and felt it was only fair to make sure her brothers and sisters got their fair share of the haul. That’s the kind of thing that makes this dad think he’s doing something right. Now I have to make sure Martha isn’t watching when I steal it from her siblings. … I want to wish a happy 100th birthday to Eloise Kretsch. Her birthday was June 22. While she opted not to sit down and talk with me about her life as a centenarian, I still think it is appropriate to recognize someone who has achieved a milestone like this. As kin on my best half’s side of the clan, Eloise is family, and because she is relation she and I are likely going to see each other once again at some time. If she feels the need she can yell at me then for pointing this out to you. So, if you know Eloise be sure to wish her a happy belated birthday and be sure to let her know who let you know about it.
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