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  • Under new ownership, Electric Motor Company continues to grow

  • Greg Weis and Jamie Parker, co-owners of Electric Motor Company in Redwood Falls, have established a business that is heading in a positive direction....
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  • Greg Weis and Jamie Parker, co-owners of Electric Motor Company in Redwood Falls, have established a business that is heading in a positive direction. The business, which was established by Greg’s dad, Pete, began in a spot along Bridge Street where Dr. Tim Brown’s dental office (formerly Greg Hammers’ office) sits. As the company grew, the need for a bigger site developed, which led to its move to a brand new building on the east edge of Redwood Falls. Weis and Parker recently completed a remodeling project in that building that allows for more storage space and a larger showroom allowing for more inventory on the shelves. Both Weis and Parker have been part of the operation for several years, with Parker joining in 1995 and Weis coming in 1996. Both have a wide variety of experiences they bring to the table, and each has a niche they cover as part of the partnership. Weis said their skills complement each other, as he works more on the office side of the business and Parker focuses on the customer relations aspects of the business. While Electric Motor Company still focuses its work on repair of electric motors, starters, alternators and similar products, it also features a showroom selling motors of various types and sizes, as well as a line of products from the DeWalt and Milwaukee brands. Weis said it is also able to sell other products that utilize the DeWalt name one wouldn’t normally find in stores where those products are sold. They have been working with side vendors who sell items, such as tool bags, that use the DeWalt name. When it comes to motors, Weis said Elec-tric Motor Company sells to a huge base of customers across the United States, and it has recently expanded that base by selling motors for wind turbines, which Weis said is becoming a growing niche for them. The staff has increased in recent years, which is a reflection of the success the company is having. “For a lot of years it was just Jamie and me,” said Weis, who said there are now six people on staff. In addition to Weis and Parker, who still find time to put in work on the bench, the staff includes Tyler Baune, Dave Tribble, Sara Raddatz and Jenny Steffensmeier. All bring unique skills to the business added Weis. Weis said the remodeling, in addition to creation of new space, has allowed the site to triple in size, and Weis said that has helped them add more inventory and bring in even bigger items for customers. To emphasize that fact, Weis and Parker purchased a huge pulley they have on display – a reflection of the fact the local company is bigger and better. Electric Motor Company has a new logo, and the thought of putting up a new sign has been discussed. “We want to thank our customers who have helped us to be where we are today,” said Parker. “It would not be possible without them.” The store is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 until 5 p.m., with Saturday hours from 8 a.m. until noon. Call the Redwood Falls business at (507) 644-2727, or find them on Facebook.
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