See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1964—50 years ago • Up to 10,000 buffalo burgers — prepared from the meat of one of the Ramsay Park buffalo — were being prepared to be served at the city’s centennial celebration set for the following week. • The ReVera Study Club’s petitioned the city council to have a wading pool for small children be built next to the main public swimming pool. • A Wisconsin man won the grand prize at the 7th annual Minnesota Inventors Congress with his device for making welding helmets safer. • A Morton couple celebrated their 40th anniversary at the Redwood Falls hospital where the husband was a long-term patient and the wife was injured in a fall at home. Both were released on crutches on their anniversary. • A Gazette columnist thanked Steve Inglis, Bob Buckley, Jack Smith, and Frank Stevensen for not playing in the golf club’s tournament the previous weekend, thereby giving someone else a chance to win it. 1989—25 years ago • The county board declared a grasshopper emergency, and asked for state funds to control the baby grasshoppers before they came out of the grass and started eating crops. • The school board expected to pay as much as $52,000 to have asbestos removed from Reede Gray Elementary School and the high school. • The Redwood Falls Lions Club honored Norm Bailey for 43 years of perfect attendance, the longest in the state of Minnesota. • Kris Warner came in second place in the state high school shot put competition with a throw of 38 feet, 11 inches. The previous year she missed qualifying with a throw that was half an inch short. • Four first-time donors pushed the blood drive over its goal in Redwood Falls. 2004—10 years ago • Alan Reed, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, appeared at the Minnesota Inventors Congress not to publicize an invention, but a service: he’d bronze your last cigarette butt and make it into a necklace. • Jeremy Soupir won the boys state shot put competition with a throw that bettered his previous personal best throw of 51 feet, six inches by over eight feet, at 59 feet, 2 inches. • RVHS student Caitlin Larsen, in remission from a form of cancer that traveled through the blood, volunteered to hold hands with first-time donors at the RVHS blood drive. -compiled by Joshua Dixon