The Redwood Area Theatre announced the cast for its upcoming summer production of "The Music Man", featuring many area faces in familiar roles — and a few unexpected ones.

This summer the Redwood Area Theatre (RAT) will preform its 20th annual musical, the well-known production The Music Man. The story features fast-talking traveling salesman “Professor” Harold Hill arriving in River City, Iowa, a town hesitant to let strangers in — especially ones trying to sell something. Hill’s con: selling band instruments, uniforms, and the idea of starting a boys band to keep local youth out of trouble in dens of sin such as pool halls. Marian Paroo, local librarian and part-time piano teacher, is not so easily convinced, and sets out to prove Harold is a fraud. Will Harold escape River City free of tar and feathers? Will the boys band succeed? Enjoy this delightful piece of Americana that includes such memorable songs as Ya Got Trouble, Seventy-Six Trombones, The Sadder-But-Wiser Girl, Lida Rose, Marian the Librarian, Pick-a-Little, and Til There Was You. The cast of RAT’s summer production of The Music Man: • Professor Harold Hill — Andrew Schulz • Marian Paroo —Brooke May • Marcellus Washburn — Jim Boots • Jacey Squires — Brendan Dudgeon • Edwart Dunlop – Steve Collins • Oliver Hix,/ Charlie Cowell / Maud Dunlop – Kurtis Parlin • Olin Britt — Mikayla Spanovich • Mrs. Paroo — Shawn Dixon • Amaryllis — Genna Rothmeier • Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn — Karen Boots • Winthrop — Lizzy Pitzl • Mayor Shinn — Joshua Dixon • Zaneeta Shinn – Justine Melges • Gracie Shinn – Esther Schmieg • Alma Hix — Michelle Wacek • Mrs. Squires — Anella Stewart • Tommy Djila – Drew Chmelar • Ethel Toffelmeier — Rhonda Schmieg • Conductor/Constable Locke — Gage Rohne • Salesman #1/Chorus — Eden Nesburg • Salesman #2/Chorus — Anna Polak • Salesman #3/Chorus — Sidney Pitzl • Salesman #4/Chorus – Nikki Hermanson • Salesman #5/Chorus — Deborah Ingle • Newspaper Reader #1/Chorus — Natalie Polak • Newspaper Reader #2/Chorus — Erica Pope • Newspaper Reader #3/Chorus — Vicki Moore • Townsperson/Chorus — Julie Chmelar • Townsperson/Chorus — Annaka Davis • Townsperson/Chorus — Rachel Brelau “The Music Man” will be directed by Josh Johnson, BA in Theater Arts at SMSU, returning after his successful work on “Into the Woods” last year. The 2014 performance dates are Thursday, July 17, Friday, July 18, and Saturday, July 19 at 7 p.m., and Sunday, July 20 at 2 p.m. in the Estebo Performing Arts Center in the Redwood Valley High School in Redwood Falls. Ticket sales for The Music Man will be available starting July 10th. Tickets are available at Minnesota Valley Investments, 600 E. Bridge Street in Redwood Falls. In addition, tickets will be sold by cast and crew members at various events during the Redwood Falls Sesquicentennial events held June 20-22. Also, to order tickets call 507-430-9927. For more information, see RAT’s website at