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  • Behind the scenes: RVHS Class of 2014 has many unique students

  • When a class graduates from high school, a community recognizes many for activities they have been involved in as students; however, there are others whose faces may not be as familiar....
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  • When a class graduates from high school, a community recognizes many of its faces. After all, they have been recognized for any of a number of ac-tivities they have been involved in as students. However, there are others whose faces may not be as familiar. However, that does not mean their involvement has been non-existent. In fact, they have also often been involved, but at times they stand in the shadows doing their jobs without the attention. They are the seniors behind the scenes. What follows is a representation of those students and how they have helped define the RVHS Class of 2014. Aliceson Cournoyer Aliceson Cournoyer is the daughter of Sharol Cournoyer. As a student at RVHS, she has been involved in UNITY, BPA, girls basketball, cheerleading and publications. She has also done the stats for track and baseball. “I’ve enjoyed UNITY the most, because Jackie (Probst) is really helpful and supportive,” said Cournoyer. “I like working with the younger kids when we do crafts and projects with them.” Cournoyer said she has enjoyed her Career Exploration class most, adding teacher Lael Dornseif has provided her with a lot of information she can use in the near future. Cournoyer said she considers Jackie Probst to be her favor-ite teacher, because she always pushes the students to go beyond what is expected. Cournoyer is planning to attend Haskell Indian Nations Univer-sity in Lawrence, Kansas to pursue a degree in early childhood education. Adam Hengel Adam Hengel is the son of Dean and Kelly Hengel. During his time at RVHS, Hengel has been involved in golf and basketball. “I have enjoyed golf the most, because it is my favorite sport to play, and that’s what I excel at most,” he said. Hengel said his favorite teacher is Marshall Hegg, be-cause he is lenient and understanding, adding in his classes as long as you meet deadlines you’re good. Hengel said he has enjoyed his speech class most, because he was able to do his work at his own pace and there are more choices offered to students. “Not everyone does the same thing,” Hengel added. Hengel is going to be attending the Univer-sity of North Dakota to pursue a degree in either criminal justice or forensic science. Mitchell Klinkner Mitchell Klinkner is the son of Ron and Tina Klinkner. Football, baseball and publications are things he has been involved in at RVHS. He said he has enjoyed baseball the most, because it is his favorite sport to play. Klinkner said the chance to be active is the reason why he has enjoyed his strength and conditioning class the most. Klinkner said his favorite teacher is Lael Dornseif, because she always gives him the advice he needs. Klinkner is going to attend South Central Technical College to get his general classes done, and then he plans to attend MSU to earn a degree in business management. Makayla Cain Makayla Cain is the daughter of Tammi Jo Johnson and Jamie Hoppke. As a student at RVHS, Cain has been involved in volleyball, BPA, SADD and choir. “I’ve enjoyed BPA, because I got to learn about what jobs managers have to do,” she said, adding she gained skills in taking care of money and making deposits as she helped the school. In her time outside of school, Cain is a volunteer for the Special Olympics and plays sand volleyball, kickball and softball. “My favorite teacher is Mrs. (Barb) Johnson, because she has helped me get through my high school career and has always en-couraged me and had faith in me,” she said. Cain still has not decided where she is going to be studying next year, but she has narrowed her selections down to Minne-sota West Community and Technical College or Ridgewater College. She has not decided what degree she wants to pursue. Benjamin Ovre Benjamin Ovre is the son of Wes and Min Ovre. As a student at RVHS, Ovre has been involved in robotics and cross country. “I really enjoyed robotics, because you get to tinker with motors, gears, wires and circuits,” he said. “It’s a great problem solving activity with endless solutions and applications.” Ovre said he has enjoyed his physics class most. “It’s challenging and applies directly to the world as we know it,” he said. “It’s studying how things work the way they do, but also why they act in that way.” Ovre said his favorite teacher is Joni Nieland, because she always has interesting information to offer students. She is the epitome of a practical person with no nonsense, he added. Ovre is attending the School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, S.D. where he plans to get a degree in electrical engineering.
    Page 2 of 2 - Jesse Kremin Jesse Kremin is the son of Karmen and Lisa Kremin. As a student at RVHS, he has been involved in FFA and choir. He said choir has been the activity he has enjoyed most at RVHS. Kremin said his favorite class has been Intro to Woods, because the teacher, Marshall Hegg, is awesome and the class allows students to move around and interact with each other in class. He added Hegg is his favorite teacher. “”He lets people make their mistakes but then helps them fix it,” said Kremin. “He also just tells things how they are.” Kremin is going to be attending Ridgewater College in Willmar to pursue a degree as an auto technician. Emily Raddatz Emily Raddatz is the daughter of Brian and Dianne Raddatz. During her time at RVHS, Raddatz has been involved in volleyball, FFA and choir. She said FFA is the activity she has enjoyed most, because she was able to try new things and participate in fun activities. The chance to go outside a lot is the reason she said her favorite class has been environmental studies. She has also spent time outside of school as a volunteer at the animal shelter. Raddatz said Connie Lunde is her favorite teacher and coach, because she always has been helpful and encouraging for her. This fall Raddatz is planning to attend SMSU in Marshall where she plans to pursue a degree in early childhood education. Belva Phillips Belva Phillips is the daughter of Dwight and Carol Phillips. Speech, the one-act play, the three-act play and UNITY are activities she has been involved in at RVHS. “I enjoyed being part of the play productions that this school has set up,” Phillips said. “It’s allowed me to conquer my own fears and standing up in front of a crowd and helped me build confidence in myself.” Outside of school, she has been involved in the Dakota Wicohan program as a leader. Phillips said she has enjoyed her English and art classes, because they have been great opportunities for her to express herself creatively and to build her voice in a way other classes would not allow. “Jackie Probst and Laverne Goodthunder are two wonderfully influential ladies in my high school career,” she said. “Jackie was always the lady to help me with my grades and showed me that talking to teachers is not as scary as I thought. Laverne helped me with growing into the young adult I am now. Both women are great role models.” This next year, Phillips plans to travel to Oklahoma with her dad to save up some money for college. Eventually she plans to return to go to Midwest Tech to begin her education. She plans to use the next year to decide what degree she wants to pursue.
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