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  • TROY'S COLUMN — ‘Look at all the flowers, Daddy’

  • On a recent Sunday afternoon, as I was in the backyard, a four-year-old humbled her father, although that was not her intent....
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  • On a recent Sunday afternoon, as I was in the backyard, a four-year-old humbled her father, although that was not her intent. It was actually a sense of wonder from my Martha that led me to hang my head. You see, that little girl loves flowers, and so when she walked out of the house and into the backyard her eyes were wide and she made the gleeful gasp only a child of four could make. “Look at all the flowers, Daddy,” said my Martha, as she pointed to a lawn full of yellow- headed blooms. Yes, the Krause yard is full of dandelions, much to my chagrin …and to her joy. As she pointed out each flower and then picked it gathering her bouquet, it was one more reminder of how much work which needed to be done on the Krause lawn now that the snow is gone and spring has come. As she turned the corner and screamed with delight shouting, “Daddy, there’s a whole bunch, over here,” I could only smile on the outside trying my best to share her joy. The good news is she picked a couple of hands full for her mommy. The bad news is a four-year-olds hands are not that big. Dandelions are just one sign the season has changed for the better, but there are some signs I would just as soon not experience when spring arrives. For example, when spring arrived I discovered the shoes I had been wearing all winter have a hole in them – both of them. I am sure you can figure out how I made that discovery. … I had the pleasure of taking in the RVHS band concert Monday night and have to say it was one of the most enjoyable concerts I have been to this year. Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed every concert I have had the privilege to attend, but this one was fantastic. Perhaps it was the anticipation I was feeling in knowing I would hear the premier of Cole Gewerth’s piece he wrote. I thought it sounded great, and I am looking for many more pieces like that from him in the future. I actually videotaped the performance and am planning to make it avaliable for you to enjoy in the future on our Web site. I think the reason I enjoyed the concert more than anything, though, had more to do with the future of RVHS music. Starting next year, for the first time, one of the Krause clan is going to be playing in the band for RVHS. While she has been playing for Milroy since she was in the fifth grade, my Mimi is going to be performing with the band on the PAC stage this fall. That is going to be a proud moment for this dad. I just hope I remember to take photos. … Barb Sellevold, RVHS guidance counselor, stopped me at school Tuesday and mentioned one of the scholarship recipients was left off the list. RVHS senior Emily Raddatz was named the recipient of the Education Minnesota scholarship during the Evening of the Stars. Congratulations, Emily. I apologize for missing your well-deserved recognition. While I may have missed listing Emily in this past Monday’s paper, I did not miss taking her photo. In fact, I have a photo of every scholarship that was awarded that night. You can request a color print of any of the awards, and for a small fee – based on the size you are looking for – we can make it available for you. Send your e-mail requests to me at tkrause@redwoodfallsgazette.com.
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