The Redwood Falls CMA is hosting a fundraising event this coming Sunday at Cornerstone Church in Redwood Falls.

Those who profess the Christian faith have a wide variety of personal interests, and for one particular group that interest is in riding motorcycles. Combining their faith with their interest in riding led to the creation of an organization known as the Christan Motorcyclists Association (CMA), with chapters across the U.S. Among those chapters are many in Minnesota, including Calvary Riders CMA in Redwood Falls. While riding is a big part of the group, and weekly rides for the Calvary Riders are going to be held this summer, its purpose is to demonstrate its faith to the world. The local CMA is helping with national efforts by hosting a fundraising event this coming Sunday at Cornerstone Church in Redwood Falls. Following the 10 a.m. worship service a baked potato bar is being held – starting at approximately 11:30 a.m. All of the proceeds from the fundraiser are given to help fulfill the mission of the CMA. A biker blessing follows the meal, and a ride is being held after that. The fundraising efforts continue the following Saturday (May 3) when the annual CMA event known as the Run for the Son is held. The local CMA chapter is heading to Springfield to The Garage (located on Cass Avenue). The group plans to arrive in Springfield at approximately 11:45 a.m., with a prayer at noon and a meal to follow. The meal, which costs $10, is a fundraiser for the Springfield Metho-dist youth group. Over the past 26 years the CMA has been able to impact millions of people with the funds raised during the annual Run for the Sun. In 2013, CMA members raised nearly $4 million, which is used for missions work and to provide copies of the “Jesus” film around the world. For more information about the upcoming CMA events, contact Jim Scoates at (507) 627-5069. More can also be found online on the CMA Web site at