“When I get involved in something I really want to try and excel, to do the best of my ability," said the RVHS senior this week.

Jacob Angermeyr is the kind of student who likes to be involved, and when he gets involved in an activity he strives to be the best at it he can be. Whether it is running the hills of an area golf course or playing his trombone with the jazz ensemble, the RVHS senior has been active in high school. As a result of that involvement, Angermeyr was recently recognized as the Triple “A” award winner for Sub-Section 3. Angermeyr said he heard about the program and applied, and he was recently recognized by Jim Lasley who represents Section 3. The Triple “A” award is presented to students based on their involvement in three categories – arts, athletics and academics. As a student, Angermeyr has been involved in a variety of activities representing all three categories, including being in cross country, track and basketball. In the arts, he has been involved in choir, vocal jazz, band and jazz band. As a junior he also took part in the all-school musical adding theater to his arts experiences at RVHS. When it comes to academics, Angermeyr has maintained consistent listing on the A Honor Roll throughout his high school career, and is currently a member of the National Honor Society. In addition to participation, Angermeyr has also demonstrated leadership as a section leader in both band and choir and as captain for track and cross country teams. “I feel all of these activities have set me up for success when I start college,” said Angermeyr, who is planning to attend Augustana College in the fall. “Those activities have helped to make me a well-rounded student.” Angermeyr has also experienced success in athletics, as he has participated in state contests in both cross country and track. As a junior he was also a member of the high school boys basketball team that qualified for the state tournament. “When I get involved in something I really want to try and excel, to do the best of my ability,” he said. Angermeyr said he has really enjoyed his time in cross country, adding the laid back atmosphere not only made the activity enjoyable but helped him to see the importance of having fun and differentiating that from when it was time to be more serious. Angermeyr, who sings tenor in the choir and plays trombone in the band said music has always been an important part of his life. In fact, he has considered pursuing a degree in music. While Angermeyr said much of his college experience is still up in the air, he does hope to be involved in activities to continue building on the experiences he has gained at RVHS. The son of John and Stacey Angermeyr ex-pressed his appreciation to his coaches, teachers and directors for helping him gain valuable skills he is going to be able to utilize for the rest of his life. Learn more about Triple “A” at www.mshsl.org.