Sydney Kranz and Halie Wilhelmi like to be dramatic; whether in theater or speech, the pair of RVHS seniors have found their niche in acting.

Sydney Kranz and Halie Wilhelmi like to be dramatic. Whether in theater or speech, the pair of RVHS seniors have found their niche in acting. “I have always loved plays,” said Kranz, who said she has been involved in the theater program at RVHS since ninth grade. “I have been in every high school play I could be.” Whether it is one-act, three act or the musical productions, Kranz said she enjoys being able to act. Her favorite performance has been the three-act play “Who’s Crazy Now,” because the entire show just provided something fun and different for the thespians. Kranz said her favorite role has been that of John Proctor’s wife in “The Crucible,” which the RVHS theater department performed this past fall. Wilhelmi said she was in one play as a middle school student and then got involved again as a sophomore. For the first time she also participated in the one-act production this year. She said the performance she enjoyed most was “The Christmas Carol,” because it was her first musical. “It was fun to see the combination of acting and singing,” said Wilhelmi. Wilhelmi added her favorite role was her performance of Tituba in “The Crucible” this fall. She said the chance to speak with a different accent was a challenge and a lot of fun. Both Kranz and Wilhelmi said they have made good friends in theater, adding the development of those friendships has kept them involved over the years. Taking their acting experience into a new realm this year, Kranz and Wilhelmi opted to be in the dramatic duo category in speech. Kranz was involved in speech as a sophomore and joined the team again this year. Wilhelmi said this was her first year in speech. “It’s nice to be able to be in speech and in a category where you can perform with your friend,” said Kranz. Having that friendship and experience working together on the stage has really developed the kinds of chemistry and compatibility that has led to success, added Kranz. The performance Kranz and Wilhelmi present is as sportscasters who are discussing unique sports. The play is very physical, said Kranz, adding they really use their bodies a lot as they perform it. The duo recently placed second at a meet in what is an extremely competitive category, and this coming Friday they are competing at the sub-section contest. While they hope to place, more than anything they just want to say they did their best at the end of the day. Both Kranz and Wilhelmi fully intend to remain involved in drama. Kranz, who is attending Columbia College in Chicago, said as an arts school she believes there are going to be chances for her to be in productions. Wilhelmi said her options are still open after high school, but regardless of where she ends up she wants to make theater a big part of her future.