See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1964—50 years ago • Redwood native Craig Neuenburg, a National Guardsman stationed in the Twin Cities, was an eyewitness to a huge earthquake while visiting Alaska for winter training. Neuenburg said he was sitting down to enjoy a moose T-bone steak when the house he was in started shaking. Running outside, he saw the earth rippling toward him like when someone shakes a long rug and the ripple carries across the room. • In possibly related news, a number of farmers across southwestern Minnesota reported getting muddy water, similar in texture to motor oil, from their wells shortly after the earthquake hit Alaska. • Newscaster Mac Dougall was chosen to as the Redwood centennial celebration parade marshal. KSTP-TV announced they would not only cover the centennial parade, but they’d cover it “in living color.” • Over a hundred contractors and engineers from across the state gathered at the Redwood Falls Country Club to learn new tiling techniques to aid in water conservation. • The temperature hit 58 degrees on April 1, the warmest temperature recorded in over five months. 1989—25 years ago • The city estimated that if a new, private service took over the ambulance service from the fire department, ambulance costs could increase up to 75 percent for some patients. • Although the county did not allow smoking in its buildings any more, prisoners in the Redwood County jail were still allowed to smoke in the jail, since Sheriff Jerry Luttman said the county might face lawsuits from taking away prisoners’ right to smoke. • The Traveler’s Club spent a Sunday afternoon boiling, coloring, and labeling 1,600 eggs for the annual Easter Egg hunt. • A survey of local residents indicated three-fourths eat the ears of a chocolate Easter bunny first, while one-fourth start with the feet. • Redwood fitness instructors joined together to host a “Dance for Heart” three-hour aerobic exercise marathon to raise funds for the American Heart Association. 2004—10 years ago • The first official sign of spring: a local store owner was spotted out grilling lunch for his employees. • RVHS Class of 1989 graduate Kimberly Schultz-Hager qualified for the Olympic marathon trials by beating the qualifying time of 2:48 by 30 seconds. • Arlin Krueger, Dale Scholl, Kathryn Olson, and John Tiffany were announced as the 2004 inductees into the Redwood Valley Hall of Fame. • Over 600 archers from across the state gathered at the RACC for the annual state tournament. • Kristi Curry was nominated for the state homecoming crown despite not having been the RVHS homecoming queen? Who nominated Curry? RVHS homecoming queen Danielle Omtvedt.