Salem back in court on Jan. 6

    LeaAnn Salem, 46, Crookston, will be back in court on Monday, Jan. 6 after a string of probation violations involving methamphetamine use. She was first arrested July 2010 when a concerned citizen thought she had possession of meth and was selling it to others.    

    According to the complaint, on July 30, 2010, Crookston Police Department detective Darin Selzler received information from the concerned citizen and went to Salon Elite (owned by Salem) on Fletcher Street to speak with Salem. She denied the allegations, but consented to a search of her business, motor vehicle and personal belongings.    

    Detective Selzler and officer Travis Halvorson found in her purse prescription pill bottles, the complaint states, one with a folded up piece of paper containing blue powder. They also found pill capsules, a razor blade, and a weight scale, along with some marijuana paraphernalia including a box grinder with residue and a dugout with marijuana in it. Officers also found a cloth bag with a residue-coated glass pipe, a straw with powder residue, a small amount of marijuana, a match box containing five small baggies with powder residue, a marijuana smoking device, a dental floss container with crystal-like substance, two razor blades, and three small metal containers. All of the smoking devices and baggies that officers found tested positive for meth or marijuana.    

    Salem was charged with third degree drug possession of methamphetamine in a school zone, park zone, and public housing zone. She was eventually sentenced to 21 months in prison with a stay of execution for 10 years, plus 10 years of supervised probation.    

    On Sept. 7, 2012, East Grand Forks Police Department officer Aeisso Schrage and a Polk County Sheriff's Department deputy went to check on Salem at her business. While at Salon Elite, according to the complaint, they performed a search and found a pipe with powder residue, a bag with two crystal-like substances, and a part of a straw with traces of powder. They also found a picture frame with white powder on it, a device used to grind pills, a bottle of wine, and several different prescription pills. A urine sample provided by Salem showed the presence of meth, the complaint states.    

    On Dec, 12, 2012, another urine sample was taken from Salem and the presence of meth was revealed, according to the complaint. 

    Salem was sentenced to 33 months incarceration with a stay of execution for 15 years on Jan, 14, 2013 for third degree drug possession and contempt of court.    

    On Nov, 7, 2013, Salem signed an admittance form indicating use of meth on or about Oct. 28, 2013, the complaint states, and a couple weeks later she signed another admittance form indicating use of meth on or about Nov. 12. She bonded out of jail on Nov. 25. 

    On Dec. 2, a probation agent collected a urine sample from Salem that tested positive for meth. A week later, she admitted use of meth and, according to the complaint, stated that she licked some out of an old bag she found while cleaning.    

    Salem was taken into custody, then released on her own personal recognizance on Dec. 16. She will have a disposition hearing on Monday, Jan. 6 with a recommendation that she serve 180 days in custody and continue with a therapy program and probation.