This Saturday wreaths honoring veterans are going to be placed on monuments across the nation as part of an event known as Wreaths Across America.

The wreath is a symbol of honor for those who have died, as it is placed on the graves of loved ones.
The wreath is also a symbol of life, in that the circular shape indicates although a loved one may have passed away their life continues in the next generation – just like a circle has no end, there is no end to the impact a life can potentially have on others.
It is appropriate to place a wreath on the grave of a veteran, as it honors their death but also as it pays homage to the legacy they have left behind for following generations.
This Saturday wreaths are going to be placed on monuments across the nation as part of an event known as Wreaths Across America.
Wreaths Across America was established in 1992 by the Wor-cester Wreath Company located in  Harrington, Maine.
The owner, Morrill Worcester, recalled as a boy visiting Arlington National Cemetery, and that year with a surplus of wreaths in stock he decided to honor the nation’s veterans by placing wreaths on some of the oldest and least visited graves in the national cemetery.
The program began to grow with each passing year, and by 2005 it had gained national attention.
This Saturday wreaths are being placed at several locations in Red-wood County.

The wreaths, which are purchased using donations from local groups such as the VFW, American Legion and auxiliaries, as well as from private donors, are delivered by Patriot Guard Riders and other volunteers.
According to Brian Sams, who helps to coordinate the Red-wood County event, Wreaths Across Red-wood County is held to remember the fallen, honor those who have served and teach our children the value of freedom.
More than 800 locations were sites for Wreaths Across Amer-ica one year ago.
The locations where the programs are being held in the area are:
• In Belview at the American Legion Hall
• In Clements at the park near the American Legion Hall
• In Lamberton at Memorial Park
• At the Lower Sioux Community near the Bishop Whipple Mission
• In  Lucan at the city park
• In Milroy at the city park near the veterans memorial
• In Morgan at the public library
• In Morton in the northwest corner of the city park
• In Redwood Falls at the National Guard Armory Brent Koch Memorial
• In Redwood Falls at Memorial Field
• In Revere at the community park
• In Sanborn at the bell tower
• In Seaforth at the American Legion
• In Vesta at the community center
• In Wabasso at the community center
• In Walnut Grove at the American Legion hall
• In Wanda at the gazebo near the fire hall
The brief program includes the placing of the wreaths for each branch of the military.
A few remarks are going to be made, with local veterans groups also taking part.
All are encouraged and invited to attend one of these programs.