Getting into the Krause Oldsmobile has taken a little more effort recently; no, I am not crawling through the window “Dukes of Hazzard” style....

Getting into the Krause Oldsmobile has taken a little more effort recently.
In fact, I have observed several people stopping to watch as I enter the driver’s seat in a non-traditional way.
No, I am not crawling through the window “Dukes of Hazzard” style. I could not do that even if I wanted to for the same reason I can’t enter my car in the way I am used to.
The door on the driver’s side of my Oldsmobile stopped working – well the handle on the outside of the door did, anyway.
So, more often than not when I have been somewhere and then go to the Oldsmobile for a return trip I invariably stop just short of pulling on the handle as I remember the car handle failure.
I am beginning to wonder if the Oldsmobile is beginning the slow process of complete shutdown, as the same door has also seen failure before.
The window has not opened on that door for some time.
I guess I should have figured something bad was going to happen when the door began making this awful creak each time it opened. The good news is I can still open it from the inside, and, ironically, the door no longer makes the noise. Perhaps, as a sign of old age the door has settled. So, to enter my car I now have to crawl through the passenger side door which I am sure is quite a sight for those watching. I had thought about driving the Oldsmobile rural postal carrier style, but figured I might have to get some training. If that would transpire I am pretty sure I know at least one post office employee who is not going to be lining up to help me with my predicament.
While it is a matter of inconvenience it is something I can deal with. The problem is that passenger side front door has been squeaking, too.
Watching me crawl through from the back, if things get any worse, may become a spectacle everyone in town is going to want to watch.

Apparently the Krause clan is interested in the Turkey Trot going on this Thursday, and a few of the progeny are seriously considering at least doing the walk in advance of the big Thanksgiving meal. I know I am going to be there taking a few photos, but have no plans to actually get out and walk.
Maybe next year.
However, I do hope to see you out there supporting this good cause. Even though I may not be racing, you can be sure the Krause clan is behind this event and Youth for Christ.

I absolutely enjoyed the Grades 5-12 band concert in the gym Nov. 14. I honestly did not know what to expect, as a gym does not always provide the best acoustics for a concert like that. I have to admit I was quite surprised by how well it sounded.
I think having an all-band concert like that every once in a while is a great idea, but I still like having concerts in the PAC.
I am definitely looking forward to the choir concerts being held during the next two Mondays.
By the way, I also was very impressed to see just how much the new scoreboard is being used and the quality of what is being displayed on it. Be sure to check that out this winter.