Those who pay the Gary and Sarah Runck, and Keegan and Shellie Mammen families a visit this weekend are going to see Christmas decorations that focus on families as they walk from room to room as part of the annual Audacia Study Club Tour of Homes.

Traditions play a big part in celebrations taking place this time of the year.
Whether it is where you go or what you show, many families focus on what they believe is most important as they celebrate.
For the Gary and Sarah Runck and Keegan and Shellie Mammen families, that focus is on family.
Those who pay them a visit this weekend are going to see that as they walk from room to room in their homes as part of the annual Audacia Study Club Tour of Homes.
The event is taking place Sunday from 2-5 p.m., and those who are interested can stop by that day to purchase a ticket for $15 at The Sand Trap (the Red-wood Falls golf club).
While there, one can also enjoy some re-freshments. Advance tickets, which are $12, can be purchased at local participating businesses.
Those planning to take in the two homes on the tour can do so at any time during that three-hour period to enjoy the decor on display.
At the Runck home at 301 South DeKalb Street in Redwood Falls, there are lots of trees.

Sarah stopped to count and came up with more than 10 which are going to be displayed, including one each in the rooms of the Runck children, Halle and Holden (shown above) with pink and blue themes.
While most of the trees are artificial, Runck said she is looking forward to having a real tree in the family room.
“I’m hoping for a big one, because I have a lot of ornaments downstairs to put on it,” Sarah said Monday morning. “It’s our first real tree ever. So, that’s exciting.”
Among the decorations at the Runck home are those made by the kids, as well as items made by other family members, including Sarah’s parents. A tree is dedicated to ornaments Sarah’s mom made, with woodwork items utilized in the house that were made by her dad.
“Grandma Runck buys an ornament every year for the kids,” she said, adding those are on display in their rooms on those trees.
A snowman collection is also going to be on display, and Sarah said many of the daycare families have provided snowmen items as gifts over the years. Sarah said it all meshes together.
At the Keegan and Shellie Mammen home at 1019 North Valley Drive on the edge of Morton, one can’t help but notice the 20-foot balsam fir on display.
It’s family tradition to cut down a tree each year, and for the second year in a row the family erected a tree that would only fit in the vaulted ceiling area of their home.
Two other real trees are going to be on display in the kids’ rooms, with Kyron and Ethin’s ornaments that reflect some of their interests on display. Mammen said every year the family also picks out a family ornament that goes in the big tree.
In total there are six trees on display at the Mammen home, with three artificial trees also being used.
A unique display includes greeting cards the family has received on a magnetized wall.
Mammen said she is getting help from Cindy Gronau and her extended family with the decor, adding there are going to be even more than the 2,500 lights used last year on the big tree.
Both Sarah and Shellie said they have attended the Tour of Homes in the past, and both were approached about being part of the Tour of Homes this year.
All are encouraged to visit the Runck and Mammen homes  this Sunday to get in the holiday mood.