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There is a good chance you never heard of Findley Lake, New York, but you won't want to miss it...especially if you like winter sports and good eats. They say this town is never "out of season."
The actual town is small, but mighty. It is located just a stones throw from Peek n Peak ski resort and offers visitors some interesting shopping. You won't find a Macy's, but you will find Our Own Candle Company. The company is located in the town and across the street are two outlet stores that carry many items and the company's candles. They say they have the best color, the best scent and the best burn and I will not dispel that. The scents will pull you in as you shop the stores.
A few more shops are located on Main Street, Wonderments Wine & Gifts has wines of New York and the world. Also connected next door are fine French soaps and spa products as well as greeting cards, home decor, vintage and antiques. They have been serving the area for 40 years. The soaps are great.
Also on Main Street visitors will find a gallery and collection of consignments, coffee, baked goods, antiques and more at Village Center. AND--there is actually a lake, Findley Lake. Main Street shops are located on the lake.
This winter play land is known for its skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. In fact the streets are marked with snow mobile crossings.
Maybe one of the most unique places to visit is Pine Junction Tavern in the Pines. As they say, par of the fun is trying to find them.
On my first visit I saw the sign for Pine Junction, but did not know what it was...I started out on the country road to find out just what a Pine Junction was, but gave up after a couple of miles. It was a residential area and I figured I missed it or something. Later that day, it was recommended that I eat dinner at Pine Junction. Now I know...it is a restaurant.
I headed back out the country road and continued till I saw the sign and was not disappointed. On that visit I was able to eat outside as it was sunny and warm. The waitress said during the winter they are on a snowmobile trail and the riders pull up and park to come in and have a meal.
A few months later I was close by and decided to have lunch at the junction. They were in the middle of adding on a beautiful area. The food is good and the atmosphere "piney". With plenty to choose from, burgers, fish, BBQ pork,steak, salads, wings and so much more. The sides dished are good as well. But then there is desert...fresh baked pies...ummm! But, there is more cheesecake, homemade cookies and for the brave at heart moose balls. You have to go to find out what they are!
When you are looking for a fun place to go anytime of year this town has plenty to offer a traveler just looking for some R&R in a quiet place with a few shops, good food a ski resort with a spa, pools, golf course, restaurants and of course skiing. It is a "snowmobilers" play land.

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