See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• Del Woese of Redwood Falls was returning from an unsuccessful hunting trip from Northern Minnesota when a buck that dressed out at 189 lbs dashed out in front of Woese’s car and smashed through the windshield.
After taking into account the cost to repair his car, Woese estimated he was paying about $1.58 per pound for venison.
• Redwood Falls and most other towns in the county went without electricity for nearly three hours after a 69,000 volt transmission line burned out near Franklin.
• As it happened, Sunnyside (now Reede Gray) Elementary School had an open house planned for nearly the exact three hours of the blackout.
Teachers escorted over 500 parents through the school using flashlights and candles to show off the students’ displays in the hallways and rooms.
• Basketball coach Phil Hall found himself starting practice for the season with the tallest team in RFHS history: five players were 6’4’’ or taller.
• Police caught four teenaged boys who padlocked about 50 people in the Skyline Rollerdrome at the county fairgrounds.
Manager Elmer Koppelman got everyone out by crawling through a window and sawing off the lock.

1988—25 years ago
• The committee formed to plan Redwood’s 125th anniversary celebration had good news and bad news.
The good new: they expected to have a parade, talent show, athletic competitions, carnival, antique car show, and craft show, all of which could be put on for a total of about $50,000.
The bad news: a complete absence of actual money to pay for any of it.
• Redwood Falls and Little Falls made a trade to better balance their respective park zoos. Little Falls got a Redwood’s new baby buffalo, while the Ramsey Park zoo got one of Little Falls’  female elks.
• When asked how education affected his life, RFHS band teacher Gary Bestmann responded, “It was when I drove the tractor into the side of the machine shed and my father said I should go to college.”
• The city and the ELCA synod began negotiating about the possibility of creating a public park and access for an overlook behind the new synod headquarters on Bridge St.
• When Dave Larson was asked to speak at Reede Gray Elementary School’s first annual Dakota Curriculum Week, he began one lecture by introducing himself to the class as an Indian.
He was startled when one student responded, “No, you aren’t.”
Larson said he laughed when he realized the student expected him to be wearing traditional Dakota ceremonial dress instead of jeans and a button-up shirt.

2003—10 years ago
• After 60+ years as a professional drummer, Vern Schueller of Redwood Falls was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.
• Redwood Falls Police Officer Dana Woodford began her new position as School resource officer in Redwood Valley schools.
• The RVHS theater department put on its annual musical, “The Chronicles of Narnia.”
• The 75th anniversary of Mickey Mouse’s first cartoon brought slight grousing from Redwood residents.
It seems the Redwood area didn’t get ABC TV until the late 1950s, depriving local kids from seeing The Micky Mouse Club at its height.