See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• Two boys on bicycles tossed lit fireworks into the cab of a parked Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. truck on E. 4th Street, starting it on fire.
A woman who witnessed the event told the police she didn’t know who the boys were, “but would know them if she saw them again.”
• Two 16-year old boys from Egeland, North Dakota, were arrested for breaking into the cash box of the Pine Tree Dairy outdoor milk dispensers.
The boys were arrested after an alert waitress in Olivia notified the police the boys were spending quite a lot of money in town — all of it in small change.
• The RFHS cross country team once again came in last at a conference meet, but the coach pointed out it was only the school’s second year with a cross country team, and the athletic department wasn’t about to give up on it yet.
• In one of the longest stretches of above-freezing weather in Redwood’s recorded history, the temperature dropped below 32 degrees F for the first time since May 23 shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Oct. 29.
• Eleven members of the Redwood Falls Lions Club signed agreements to donate their eyes after death to the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank, starting a donor program that continues to this day.

1988—25 years ago
• The National Guard airlifted 42 bales of hay from Redwood area farms to central Minnesota to aid drought-stricken farmers in need of fodder for their dairy herds.
• RFHS football player Todd Looney completed eight of 17 passes for 143 years, giving him 817 yards so far, and breaking the old record of 816 yards set in 1958 by Paul Ramseth.
• After sampling a variety of types of meat products from around the world, the 1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition chose to go with 600 pounds of pemmican from Redwood county farms, packaged by Bassett’s Meat Center in Sanborn.
• When a pair of Iowa-based collectors put an ad in the Gazette saying they were looking for WWII-era German and Japanese guns, swords, medals, bayonets, and helmets, they were startled by how much of it Redwood Falls residents brought in to be appraised.
 • Former RFHS coach Dale Scholl was one of five inducted into the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

2003—10 years ago
• New Redwood County assistant attorney Patrick Rohland began his first week on the job by trying several cases in the Redwood County courthouse.
• The Minnesota High School Coaches Association named Memorial Field in Redwood Falls the best field to play on in the state.
• With budget cuts from the state, the city’s twice-annual citywide street cleanup would have to be canceled after this year unless other sources of funding were found.
• The Redwood Falls National Guard unit formed a Family Readiness Group to support those left behind while the soldiers were deployed to Kosovo.
• When the Redwood Rollers Square Dancers club decided to all come dressed as Spongebob Squarepants to their Halloween party, exactly half the member said they had no clue who the character was.