When it comes to getting your vehicle ready for the colder climate of Minnesota, there are some important things to remember....

When is the last time you had your coolant checked?
Do you even know where to find your cabin filter?
When it comes to getting your vehicle ready for the colder climate of Minnesota, there are some important things to remember.
Dave Bunting, service department manager at Scott-Preusse in Redwood Falls said having your vehicle ready for the winter can make the difference between getting to your destination and being caught in the middle of nowhere with vehicle breakdowns.
One of the most important things to remember, Bunting said, is to have your tires ready.
The tread on one’s tires makes a huge difference in icy conditions, and Bunting said the rule of thumb is anything that has a tread depth less than 3/32 of an inch need to be replaced.
Actually, tire tread becomes less than ideal at 5/32 of an inch and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later, especially when the snow begins to fall and ice starts to form on the roads.
“You need to make sure your tires have the proper pressure, too,” added Bunting.
Rotating tires on a consistent basis can help prolong the life of one’s tires, as well.
Another important element of a well-running vehicle is the coolant, and Bunting said it is important to use coolant in Minne-sota vehicles that can withstand the colder climate. The coolant should be a brand rated to 35 below.
The coolant, added Bunting can break down and should be flushed every 100,000 miles. Engine coolant not only helps prevent freezing but it also helps maintain a cool engine at the same time to prevent overheating on the road.
Checking belts and hoses on a regular basis is also important.

Bunting said it is also important to check the air filter, as well as the cabin filter, which is available in newer vehicles and regulates the environment inside the vehicle.
Check the battery and battery posts to ensure you have good cranking amps, which are important in the cold weather.
Bunting added it is a good idea before going on a long trip to make sure and check the condition of your spare tire and to have a winter survival kit with those important items, a blanket and shovel in your vehicle.
To have a complete vehicle check-up before winter, contact Bunting at the Scott-Preusse service department by calling (507) 637-2991, or visit online at  www.scottpreusse.com.