Why should anyone need the government's permission to help animals?

Over the past few years I have had the privilege of sharing with you the story of Chuck Schmidt who lives along TH 19 about nine miles west of Redwood Falls.
Schmidt has dedicated the past several years of his life to helping animals no one else seems to be able to train.
Nearly every day I drive past his house, and each time I look to see if he is out working with the animals, and much of the time he is. This is what he does, and apparently he is pretty good at it.
What is interesting is the kind of skill Chuck possesses could prove to be lucrative for him, but he does not do what he does for the money. Chuck does it because he believes what he is doing is making a difference.
I believe he is, too.
Recently, Chuck began to draw a little more attention to himself, as others began to tell his story and even more heard it.
Those who heard it offered assistance, with a Boy Scout actually helping provide new kennels for his operation.
Success can become one’s worst enemy. Chuck has found that out recently, as the county has become “more aware” of what he is doing, and that recognition has led to certain requirements being forced upon Schmidt and his work.
Among those is the requirement he obtain a conditional use permit to continue what is being called an animal rescue operation. Naturally, obtaining that kind of legal documentation requires time and money, and Chuck is not the kind of guy who likes to spend time doing things that take his focus away from his animals.
As I already mentioned, Chuck is not the kind of guy who has the money necessary to obtain that permit. He needs $700 to keep his work going.
So, he is in a bit of a spot and is in need of some help. I know as a veteran Chuck has been getting some assistance from veteran’s organizations, but he still needs funds to ensure he can continue to do what he does.
Over time, people have come to expect Chuck to be there to take on those animals that have been abused and abandoned. He is constantly finding animals outside of his front door which someone has dropped off.
All of them become part of Chuck’s family, because no animal gets turned away.
Chuck has expressed to me his appreciation to those who – over the years – have donated food and other things to help him, but he is in a tight spot now. If you are able in any way to help Chuck and A New Beginning Animal Rescue give him a call at (507) 430-9194.
Time is also short for Chuck, as he needs to have the money by this coming Monday. So if you are feeling a call to give him some help do it as soon as is possible. Without Chuck I hate to think what would happen to the animals he is caring for now.

If you haven’t been to the Redwood Valley gym in recent days you need to be ready for the eye-opening change that has taken place. A huge Daktronics scoreboard and a state-of-the-art sound system have been installed in the gym.
This is not an ordinary scoreboard, but it is one of the best the local manufacturing company has to offer. It is very impressive, and I am looking forward to seeing all of its capabilities in coming weeks. The best part is the scoreboard itself was funded with private donations.
More on the scoreboard is going to be reported as it is officially unveiled to the community.