The school board again approved the maximum levy, which for 2014 would include a 4.32 percent increase, amounting to $104,378.17 over the actual levy amount which was paid in 2013.

Each year the Redwood Area Board of Education is presented with a proposal that becomes another step toward the final certification of the coming year’s property tax levy.
In most year’s the school board preliminarily approves what is the maximum amount which can be levied based on state law, but by the time the board certifies the levy later in the year that number could drop.
During its regular meeting Monday night, the school board again approved the maximum levy.
That total proposed levy for 2014 would include a 4.32 percent increase, which amounts to $104,378.17 over the actual levy amount which was paid in 2013.
The amount paid as part of the maximum levy proposal would be $2,520,298.98.
According to John Selle-vold, RASD finance director, there have been some changes in the levy calculation for the coming year, including a 14 percent de-crease in the district’s referendum levy.
Sellevold explained the drop of more than $110,000 is due to a change in the equalization paid to schools by the state. That number from the state could in-crease, which means less money coming from local property taxpayers.
One area where an in-crease is being seen is in the debt service levy, as that amount is going up by 3.36 percent or $35,910. That number is set by the state based on the school district’s net tax capacity.
Both the referendum and debt service levies are voter approved, said Sellevold.

Sellevold said with the changes occurring with education during the most recent legislative session the calculations from the state regarding state funding  could still change, which is why it was important for the board to approve the maximum at this time.
A public hearing for the 2014 payable levy is going to be held Nov. 25 during the school board’s regular monthly meeting. The public is encouraged to attend to find out more about the levy at that time.
The final levy can’t be certified by the board until after the public hearing is held.
In other action during its Monday meeting, the school board:
• Accepted the resignations of Shelby Enright from her position as an elementary school para; of Kim Petersen from her role as school patrol supervisor; of Sandy Mac-Holda from her position as payroll clerk and of Darren Tighe from his position as ninth grade boys basketball coach.
• Approved the em-ployment of Gwenn Harrington and Mar-keela Toreen as school patrol co-advisors at a stipend of $1,158 each; Dan Paur as head boys hockey coach at a stipend of $4,264; Aaron Lindahl as ninth grade boys basketball coach at a stipend of $2,017 and Connie Lunde as ninth grade girls basketball coach at a stipend of $2,017.
• Approved the em-ployment of Kjersti Holstad as a Kinder-garten paraprofessional for 161 days at 6.58 hours per day at $9.50 per hour.
• Declared two scoreboards as excess property to be sold or discarded.