Amy Grund knows not every RVMS sixth grader likes math, so she strives to find ways to make what she teaches, whether it is exponents or integers, relevant for students.

Amy Grund knows not every RVMS sixth grader likes math.
Yet the new middle school math and science teacher knows what she is teaching those students is part of the foundation they need to succeed as they continue to learn.
So she strives to find ways to make what she teaches, whether it is exponents or integers, relevant for students.
"When I was in school I struggled with math," she said, add-ing as she began to understand the concepts a connection was created for her.
Finding ways to create that connection for others means being creative in the classroom.
As an example, Grund recently had her students create videos to explain what they were learning.
Grund said she likes to do those types of activities with kids to help them see what they are learning can actually be fun.
In science students are learning about systems and how components in a system work together. To help them understand that, students took apart different devices, such as remote controls, to see if even one part is not working it can impact the whole system.
Grund, who grew up in Bird Island, is a graduate of BOLD High School. She earned an elementary education degree from SMSU in Marshall with a math specialty which allows her to teach math for students in Grades 5-8.
After earning her degree, Grund started her career teaching at a small Catholic school in Bird Island.
"I spent the last three years teaching at St. Mary's," she said.
There she taught a variety of students, but in the end she felt the need to move on to something new.
That led her to Redwood Falls, and she said her new role is a welcome change in her career.

Grund said things have been going very well for her at RVMS.
"I have really en-joyed the people," she said. "They are all very supportive. This is a great school system."
Grund said the students she has in class have been great, adding the focus on small class sizes is something she appreciates, as having smaller groups to work with means being able to establish relationships and make those important connections with all of the students.
Grund is the first educator in her family, but she said her older brother has gone back to school to become an educator, too.
Looking back at her time in school, Grund said her favorite teacher was Mr. Turk, who taught her in fifth grade. She said the way he connected with kids and how he taught is something she wants to try and emulate in her classroom.
Grund said she always knew education was in her future.
"During the summer when the other kids were outside doing things I was inside playing school," she said, adding with a smile her sisters "ap-preciated" when she made them play school with her. "I have always found education and teaching exciting."
While she is not involved currently with any extra-curricular roles, Grund said she is keeping her options open for the future.
When she is not in school, Grund likes to do things with her family.