I admit that our family is busy as bees.  We are here, we are there we are always moving and going someplace.  I have three very active girls and they don't let you rest for long.  Typically we ride bikes or walk.  When we are at the park, we play games like tag or "wood chips" (which is like what I used to play as a kid called Blind Man's Bluff).  This summer we chose to rollerblade or jog or swim.

But what do we do when winter sets in?  As a stay-at-home home schooling Mom, I am concerned about how much time we will be inside not moving.  I have considered that we could still go for walks, and instantly my mind goes to dressing three girls in all their snow gear, walking two blocks down the road and then going home because they are whining and crying about being cold.

So, some of our other ideas as follows:

Dancing to music

Dancing video games


Balance games


Jumping from pillow to pillow on the floor

Jumping rope (only for kids, our ceilings aren't THAT tall)

Sit ups and push ups

Excercise bike

Jumping jacks

Stretching to music

I hope that winter doesn't pull out all the stops and forces us inside, but if it does, then please utilize this list all you can to get a move on and put a little spice in your winter excercise routine!