In which Troy notes that vehicles always seem able to go on for thousands of miles at a time running just fine, and only break down during important family moments.

I am proud to say the oldest of the Krause progeny is now a college graduate.
The nine-month program she enrolled in at The Salon Academy in Fargo, N.D. allows her to become an aesthetician.
Don’t ask me what that means, just know this dad is proud of his Naomi.
Her graduation was Sept. 7 at the school. I was not there to see it, though. Before you castigate me for being a bad dad, know I had every intention of being there and was less than 60 miles away from the ceremony when it took place. I and four other members of the Krause clan were on our way to the north country when we experienced a setback.
The vehicle we were driving in decided it had done enough for the day just as we had left the on ramp to Interstate 94.
About a mile after hearing what sounded like gravel kicking up underneath the van, the temperature guage hit its maximum, and that ever dreaded “ding” began. Not having any idea what was wrong, we got off the interstate and looked for a place to get some assistance.
We ended up at Minnesota Motors, the local Chevy dealership in Fergus Falls, where we would spend the next couple of hours waiting to be rescued.
Unfortunately, on a Saturday afternoon no mechanic was to be found in Fergus Falls, and so we had to wait for someone to come and pick us up. Thankfully, other members of the Krause clan and extended family had already been in Fargo, and soon after making contact (the one time when a cell phone has come in handy) my brother-in-law, Simon arrived. We piled into the vehicle and arrived just in time to see everyone leaving the ceremony. I was disappointed to say the least, but at least we got there.
Meanwhile, the Krause mini van remained in the parking lot at the Otter Tail County business, and it would continue its visit until the following Wednesday.
During our two-hour visit in Fergus Falls we had the pleasure of being helped by a couple of very friendly car salesmen who did everything they could to find us some help.
Thankfully, they were also kind enough to let us stay in their lobby while we waited. I very much appreciated that, especially knowing how hot it was that day. It’s not every day you come across people who are so willing to help. On behalf of my family, I want to express my appreciation to those who offered their help, and I am confident in this community a stranded family would experience the same kind of friendly help.
After getting home safely, thanks to my Naomi’s willingness to make a trip home, she and I returned to retrieve the now repaired Krause vehicle – new alternator and belt installed.
She went back to her home in Fargo, and I made the trip back to the Krause farm.
Being stranded in an unfamiliar place can be a helpless feeling, especially for a guy like me whose lack of mechanical ability have been well documented.
I am just glad I was able to get to the right place that day.
The good news was I was able to spend that two hours taking in the college football game I had wanted to watch but was going to miss because of the commitment to be there for my Naomi. God sure works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?