See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• Ralph Gunn of Redwood Falls, director of research for DeKalb, was the only person from southwest Minnesota to be inducted into the latest national edition of Who’s Who in Commerce and Industry.
• Area game wardens met in Redwood Falls to plan the 23rd annual “Pheasants for Vets” hunt. Depending on weather conditions, area hunters were expected to provide up to 4,000 pheasants for dinners at up to 15 veterans hospitals.
• The city’s new sanitation department was set to start collecting the town’s garbage on Oct. 1, whether the new garbage truck was here or not.
• Mrs. Karl Rolvaag visited the Robert Budik home at 510 W. Bridge St. as part of her thank you tour to the people of Minnesota for electing her husband governor the previous year. About 80 local women attended the get-together.
• A Minneapolis-Honeywell scientist told local service groups that he could see a day coming when small computers would allow farmers to control planting and harvesting from their living rooms.
He added, “Computers are almost human, except that they seldom make mistakes.”

1988—25 years ago
• Thanks to an industrial plant explosion in the Netherlands, production problems in Saudi Arabia, and a fire at a Texaco plant in Louisiana, Redwood Falls auto parts stores faced a sudden shortage of anti-freeze.
• A person-on-the-street interview showed three out of three Redwood Falls residents asked thought NASA should go ahead with the space shuttle program.
• With an incoming first grade class of 109 students — 10 more than expected — the school board approved hiring four part-time aides to help teach reading.
• The first garage sale weekend was so successful, with local retailers holding sidewalk sales to attract out-of-towners, that the chamber of commerce was thinking about holding another one in spring.
• During its first week in operation, the new recycling program at the Redwood County Developmental Achievement Center collected 11 tons of cardboard, newsprint, glass, and aluminum cans.

2003—10 years ago
• By the 15th annual citywide autumn garage sale weekend, the smart shoppers had learned that the best deals were to be made on Thursday, before the sales officially opened.
• Blair and Ronna Martin of Soldonta, Alaska, were in Redwood Falls fixing up a used 1976 International school bus as an RV to drive around the United State in.
• Ridgewater College donated two banks of stainless steel cat cages to the Redwood Falls Animal Shelter.
• On Friday, Sept. 12, the Brown-Lyon-Redwood Drug Taskforce raided two methamphetamine labs, one in Milroy, the other near Vesta.
• The Minnesota Inventors Congress held a King Karaoke “Elvis in Concert” fundraiser, complete with a special performance by the MIC caveman.