In more than 40 years of life I have never had to appear before a judge unless it was for a story I was doing....

In more than 40 years of life I have never had to appear before a judge unless it was for a story I was doing.
Don’t get me wrong. I do not have a clean slate legally speaking, and some law enforcement officers in this town could attest to the fact that I have had my share of moving violations.
Thankfully, there have not been many recently.
For those who may be thinking as the editor of this newspaper I would keep my name from the Court News, you can be sure I would not. Nor would I keep my better half, any of the Krause progeny, or other extended family members (i.e. a brother-in-law) from this list either.
So, don’t ask for me to keep your name out, because I won’t do it. If you break the law you are going to face the consequences, and for me one of those consequences is the fear of public embarrassment as your co-workers tape your Court News information on the water cooler.
I am grateful for the judges we have had in Redwood County, and over the years I have gained a great amount of respect for outgoing judge David Peterson.
That level of respect goes for the judge who is going to be taking over the Redwood County courtroom very soon.
I had the privilege of meeting Patrick Rohland when he first came to town, and over the years I have gotten to know him as an attorney, as a person and as a member of the community.
I am confident Patrick Rohland (right now I am not sure what to call him) is going to be a very good judge for Redwood County, because he is a man of integrity.
I am looking forward to working with him over the next several years, although I hope I never have to meet him in a less-than-ideal situation – if you know what I mean.

I can not fathom what the Panitzke family is going through right now.
The loss of one child is bad enough, but to lose a second is, to me, unfathomable.
I want to express the deepest sympathies of my family to Randy and Joyce and their family in this difficult time.
I also want to encourage all of you to be praying for them.
They are going to need a lot of support, and I am hoping we as a community can step up to provide that to them.

This week is Homecoming Week at RVHS. I want to congratulate Cole Gewerth and Kendra Goblirsch for being crowned this year’s king and queen. I look forward every year to being at the school during this week. Seeing the kids involved in events that are outside of the normal day-to-day school activities is a lot of fun.
While we as a community don’t participate in the school activities, we can support our school this week. Come out Friday night to watch the football game, and take in the tennis and volleyball matches which are scheduled for today.
Get out your red and white and wear it this Friday to show your Cardinal pride.
Go Cards.