Aaron Lindahl believes he has found his ideal job: the first-year math specialist is helping students of various ages learn the fundamentals of a subject he really enjoys...

Aaron Lindahl believes he has found his ideal job.
The first-year teacher is a math specialist at Reede Gray Elementary School, and is helping students of various ages learn the fundamentals of a subject he really enjoys.
The 2009 graduate of Benson High School earned his degree in elementary education from Concordia College in Moorhead where he focused on math and said he is actually able to teach math to students all the way through the eighth grade.
“I would say math is my strength,” said Lindahl, adding math is a subject that has always interested him.
As a math specialist, Lindahl’s school day is dedicated to numbers, as he works with different grade levels and helping them improve their math skills and develop confidence in their ability to understand the basics of math.
Lindahl said he likes the fact that he is teaching different kinds of math to different students, as it helps to break up the day.
He realizes not every student who walks into his classroom has the same appreciation for math that he does, which means helping them learn in a way that is interesting to them and utilizes their learning style.
“Not every student learns the same way,” he said, adding that might mean doing different kinds of activities and consistently switching up how he teaches to ensure each of the students in his class is grasping the concepts he is teaching.
If he can get the kids into math through the use of different teaching methods, Lindahl said he can help them grow, and he believes doing things like playing math games, where students are learning but don’t necessarily realize that is happening, can develop those skills they need.
Lindahl, who graduated in May, is in his first year of teaching, and he said the support he has received from the other math team members and the school as a whole has really helped to make his transition into the school easier.
In addition to teaching math at Reede Gray, Lindahl is also helping out as a coach for the football team.
Lindahl, who has always been involved in sports, said it was during sports camps he was involved in where he discovered he liked being around kids and settled on the decision to become a teacher and coach.
Both of his parents are educators, as his mom teaches first grade and his dad is a phy-ed teacher.
Lindahl said he appreciates the opportunity he has been given to teach and be part of a small community similar to the town he called home during his school days. When he is not in school Lindahl enjoys the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing and playing golf.
For Lindahl, it is all adding up to a good experience as an educator, coach and member of the community.