See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• Janine Schramm, age seven weeks, was the 19th baby in her extended family to be baptized in a baptismal gown made out of her  grandmother’s wedding dress 55 years earlier.
• The Redwood County Agricultural Society sponsored its 89th county fair in its 91 year history. The two missing years were 1943, when the fair was cancelled because of World War II distractions, and 1946, when the fair was called off because from fears of a polio epidemic.
• Scottie, a 15-year old black Scottish terrier owned by Mrs. Albert Timm of E. 5th Street, wandered off into the woods and couldn’t be found while the Timms were on a visit to Alberta, Canada.
A week later Mrs. Timm received a letter from a Mr. Grimshaw of Alberta, saying he had noticed Scottie’s Redwood Falls dog tag, and offering to return him by rail.
• Barbara Larson, a Redwood Falls High School student spending the year studying in Greece, wrote home about how she had introduced her Greek host family to popcorn.
Larson said when the corn started popping on the stove, her Greek family was convinced something had gone wrong, but they loved the final result nevertheless.
• The county civil defense office sponsored a display at the county fair, showing models of the different types of nuclear fallout shelters available to build in homes and public buildings.

1988—25 years ago
• Because of a nationwide nursing shortage, the Redwood Falls Hospital started a scholarship fund to encourage local students to take up the profession.
• A local farmer who was not identified harvested his crop of sudex, a cross between sudan grass and sorgum.
• North Redwood bought a 75,000 gallon steel water towner from the city of Sartell for $100. However, it would cost $35,000 to tear down the tower, transport it to North Redwood, paint it, and reassemble it.
• The new Redwood County Recycling Center in the Developmental Achievement Center wasn’t due to open for another week, but area residents were already bringing in materials to be sorted through and recycled.
• Herb Panitzke, Sr., age 73, was the star pitcher at the annual firemen/old-timers softball game. He liked to keep the opposing batters on their toes by pitching the occasional tomato or cabbage.

2003—10 years ago
• Kyle Smith, 16, was glad when he finally got his drivers license since he could drive to his airplane pilots lessons without his parents’ help.
• Since the next nearest one was in Granite Falls, a new Gamblers Anonymous chapter opened up in Redwood Falls.
• A group of Redwood Valley High School students visiting France for two weeks got a special surprise — they arrived during an 80-year record heat wave, with temperatures above 100 degrees almost every day.
• The “Horseless Horse Club” for local kids who didn’t own horses was in its third year at Cedar Rock Ranch, using horses donated by Bob Starr.
• Because of changing state and federal graduation standards, the Redwood Valley School District had to spend a year keeping two sets of accounting books on how its students were doing as they got close to graduation.