“It was in school counseling where I found my niche,” said Amber Green, adding the fact that there is such a wide variety of things she can be doing on any given day that made the option even more appealing for her.

Growing up on a ranch on the west side of South Dakota, Amber Green knew early on what she wanted to do with her life.
She wanted to find a profession where she could help people.
So, her role as a school counselor has made perfect sense.
"I love being a counselor," said Green. "I've always wanted to be part of a helping profession."
After graduating from high school in 2003, Green headed to the east side of South Dakota where she attended South Dakota State University in Brookings.
There she earned a degree in psychology.
Green also has earned a masters degree in counseling.
It was during that masters education work when Green discovered her interest in working with students.
As part of that degree Green was required to experience all of the different counseling career options, and one of them included school counseling.
"It was in school counseling where I found my niche," said Green, adding the fact that there is such a wide variety of things she can be doing on any given day that made the option even more appealing for her.
So, what does a school counselor do?
It truly does depend on the day, especially when one considers Green is working with students in Grades 5-12. That's right. She is serving the gamut of students from those who are just starting middle school to those who are getting close to the end of their time in high school.
"I see kids individually and in groups," explained Green, adding mental health issues, such as anger, anxiety and depression can play out when a student walks into her office to talk.
While working with students on their social and emotional needs is a very important element of what Green does, she also helps students focus on the reason they are in school – academics.
At the high school level that could mean helping a student find that right college and to ensure they have the right kinds of classes to move forward with their career plans.
As the co-advisor for the senior class, Green also is involved in the lives of those nearing graduation with those special events, such as Homecoming and high school graduation.
Green said she sees about six students on any given day, and as she begins to develop social groups that number is likely going to increase.
As students get to know her more and that relationship is established she thinks they are going to be even more willing to just stop and talk when they need to.
Green began her school counseling career in Watertown, S.D. where she served in the high school, and more recently she was working in the counseling department at Sleepy Eye St. Mary's.
How did Green end up in Redwood Falls?
I am married to Jon Green," she said, adding he is a 2003 graduate of RVHS.
He came back home, where he farms with the family. (He is the son of Greg and Jeanne Green.)
In the future Green said she may consider taking on added roles in the district, including serving as a coach.
Green said things have been going well so far, as she gets acclimated to the new school.
"I appreciate the staff here. Everyone has been very helpful," she said.
For Green being a counselor is about helping students gain lifelong skills they are going to need when they leave school and begin the next part of their life.
When she is not working with students, Green enjoys working with her horses.