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Aug. 17, 2013 11:16 a.m.

63909562 Let’s say by happenstance you are parked in a hotel bar in a far away land where certain sports, like cricket, are king. 

The locals are aware there’s an “American football” but can’t fathom how an amateur/college team could be as popular as a professional or national team. 

So here goes the question.  And to add a little context, I’m working on a piece on the winged helmet tradition, which turns 75 this season.  In the opening paragraph I started to write something about its place amongst the most defining characteristics of the Michigan program…and stumbled. 

The question:

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P.S. I didn’t put “Tradition” in here because I don’t think you can’t really define what Michigan tradition means without mentioning one (or all) of the above.

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