See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• On Aug. 8, 1963, the city of Redwood Falls formally made its pitch to the state site selection committee in charge of deciding where the new college in southwestern Minnesota would be located.
• FAA staff at the Redwood Falls airport was called upon to relay emergency instructions for a sick child on an airplane flying from New Ulm to Minneapolis.
• While the Redwood Falls womens golf invitational was going on, six tables in the club house were set up for playing bridge for women who didn’t golf.
• Dr. Jim Flinn, guest speaker at the Redwood Falls Rotary Club, warned members that 20 percent of them would die of lung cancer, citing recent evidence of a link between smoking and lung cancer.
• School officials predicted enrollment records would break for the 1963-64 school year, estimating the local schools would take in more than 1,500 students.
Over 6,200 students were expected to enroll in schools across Redwood County.

1988—25 years ago
• Grain buyers from Norway, Finland, and Israel toured the Central Bi-Products plant and local farms to get a feel of what agriculture was like in rural Minnesota.
• In related news, area vegetable and flower gardeners said the summer of 1988 was one of the worst they’d seen, thanks to a combination of grasshoppers, hot weather, and a lack of moisture.
• In yet more related news, June 1988 marked a record for water use in town, with 27 million gallons passing through the city’s water lines. The average for June in recent years was closer to 24 million gallons.
• The Redwood Falls Hospital paid $11,200 for a gastroscope, a fiber optic device that allowed doctors to examine a patient’s esophagus and stomach.
• Sixteen students from Nichidai High School in Miyazaki, Japan, arrived to spend two weeks in Redwood Falls, getting to know American culture. However, at the last minute two host families still had to be found.

2003—10 years ago
• Twenty-six area non-profits were told they wouldn’t get the second half of their expected donations after the local United Way failed to make its goal for the second year in a row.
• Somalian students Ayan Warfa, 17, and his sister Nimco, 12, now living in Marshall, said they liked visiting Alexander Ramsey Park in the summer  because it reminded them of their home.
• Bill and Christine Schwandt were named the Redwood County Farm Family of the Year, in part because of the 13 miniature horses that Bill raised as a hobby.
• Redwood Valley Middle School staff set up new playground equipment east of the school.
• The annual Minnesota High School Rodeo was held in Redwood Falls, as sponsored by the Redwood Valley Riders Saddle Club.