There are lots of people I only see this one weekend each year and am looking forward to seeing them at the fair; I would enjoy visiting with you, too.

I’m pretty sure in the past I have admitted I am not much of a big crowd kind of person.
The bigger the gathering of people, the more anxious I get.
So, going to events at big venues is never going to be my thing. Whether it is a sporting event, concert or conference, I am the kind of person who would just as soon watch it from home stretched out on the couch. If I do end up going and there are not assigned seats I will be the one guy sitting as far away from other people as I can.
When the event is nearing its end, I might be the person you see get up and head toward the door early. No, I am no fair weather fan. I am just making a break for the exit before the mass of people starts moving toward the door like a herd of cattle heading for the feed bunks.
If I am unable to get out early, I am likely the person who is still seated while the majority of people are getting up and slowly moving out.
To me, there are few things worse than getting caught in the middle of a slow-moving group of people, especially if the crowd stops moving at all for any period of time.
So, I am likely never going to be at a playoff game for any professional sports team, and, quite honestly I have yet to visit Target Field. (I’m waiting for the novelty to wear off so the crowds begin to get smaller.)
Even close to home, you are not likely to see me seated in the stands at a football game, because I need to have space.
I am OK with crowds in more open spaces, which is why I enjoy the county fair.
While the crowds come, I know I do not have to be elbow to elbow with others as I walk through the midway or toward the food vendors.
I think it is great for lots of people to come to the fair, and I encourage all of you to come out this weekend.
I am going to be spending plenty of time at the fair again this year. There are lots of people I only see this one weekend each year and am looking forward to seeing them. I would enjoy visiting with you, too. Just remember to keep your distance.

When the dates were announced for the Redwood Area Theatre performance of “Into the Woods” I was disappointed to say the least.
The list of conflicts has kept me from enjoying this show.
I had this faint recollection of seeing this play once before and was then reminded this past Saturday by Lynnette Zilka at Polka Fest in Seaforth the RVHS theater troupe performed it back during the 1992-93 school year.
I went to watch the show because my sister was in it. I’m pretty sure that was also my first experience in the PAC.
Recalling the story as quite humorous, I would like to see it again, but, unfortunately the next three days are packed full of other activities I have to take in.
My only hope is Saturday, as things might slow down enough for me to get to the matinee.
I have heard good things about this year’s show, and would encourage you to take in the play if you haven’t already.
Support the performing arts, because it is a great part of our community’s culture.