See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• The city summer rec program introduced a new sport for youngsters — Tee-ball, promoted as a cross between baseball and golf.
• Perk Hassinger retired after nearly 50 years in the barbering trade.
Hassinger, who started barbering as a teenager in Morton in 1913, said his retirement hobby would be heckling his own barber to see what it feels like from the other side of the chair.
• The peacock in the Ramsey Park zoo died of pneumonia despite being rushed to Willmar to see a veterinarian who specialized in turkey diseases.
• Redwood Falls temperatures reached a new official low this week — absolute zero — when the thermometer at the airport gave up the ghost after a week of 100+ degree weather.
• When the Beaver Falls community held a reunion, the oldest former attendee of the school there — Eva Peavey of Redwood Falls — reminisced about what life was like for the Class of 1892.

1988—25 years ago
• June 1988 was the driest month in Redwood Falls history, getting only .37 of an inch of rain, beating a record that had stood since 1890.
• In a related story, the Morton fire department cancelled the Fourth of July fireworks show due to dry conditions.
However, the department said it might reschedule the Fourth of July fireworks for August if the area got any rain.
• Despite the drought, fishermen willing to seek out the deepest spots in the Minnesota River reported catching all the fish they wanted.
Jim Reynolds of North Redwood reported catching catfish weighing 35, 37, and 29 lbs over two weekends.
• Former Redwood resident Ted Hoepner, who got his start cleaning out local businesses’ basements as a teenager, was named chairman of the Miami, Florida, chamber of commerce.
• Six midwestern World War II veterans who hadn’t seen each other since they split up in Mississippi in Jan. 1946 chose Redwood Falls as a reunion site since it was a convenient middle ground for everyone to get to.

2003—10 years ago
• Leon Columbus, caretaker of the Lower Sioux Community’s cemetery near the Church of St. Cornelia, was looking for people who might have sonar equipment to help find the bodies of up to 40 people buried in unmarked graves.
• Local law enforcement expected a wave of new requests for handgun licences when the state loosened requirements for getting them, but only four people in Redwood County had requested them from the Sheriff’s Department since the law passed.
• The Renville County Museum in Morton reported the theft of an 1880’s-era porcelain doll, originally made in France, and valued at $1,500.
• The city received a $100,000 DNR grant to add five new camping spaces to the Ramsey Park campground, as well as a new restroom and shower facility.
• A Georgia-based artist and map-maker arrived in Redwood to spend several weeks photographing local businesses and landmarks in order to draw a combination map / caricature of the town.