I watched with mixed feelings as the old Redwood County Telephone building was torn down one week ago....

I watched with mixed feelings as the old Redwood County Telephone building was torn down one week ago.
As one who understands the need for progress in a community, I know things change.
However, as one who enjoys history, watching another building that has seen its share of Redwood Falls' past demolished is definitely bittersweet.
I remember as a kid walking into that building to drop off an envelope for mom not knowing anything about what I was doing – only being told to hand it to the person at the desk.
The building was one of those mysteries to me, as I climbed the steps to complete my task I was in awe of the atmosphere.
What did they do anyway?
I was told that was the place which allowed us to talk on the telephone to people, and, quite honestly, as a little kid who rarely spoke on the phone the interest in that building waned.
There were other times when I would walk those steps, but when I found out I was giving them money the mystique went away. I also remember seeing the "drop-off" box out front that I was told was used by those who couldn't drop off their bills during the day when they were open.
I was tempted to put the envelope in the slot once, but wondered how much trouble I would get in for putting it there when the place was open. The chicken in me trudged up the steps and handed over the envelope.
It wasn't all that often when I made those trips – a few times in my childhood. I think when Mom would come to town and had bills to pay it made more sense for her to drop it off than to pay the price for a stamp.
Do you have memories of the old building? Maybe you worked there or have fond recollections about telephone service in Redwood County. I would like to hear them or read them. So, send me an e-mail sharing what you recall about the old building via tkrause@redwoodfalls-gazette.com or give me a call at (507) 637-2929. I'll be sharing a story about the building, including its history and the future of the site in an upcoming edition.

I have gotten a few calls over the years from people who are concerned about information printed in the Gazette others have associated with them, because their name is the same as someone else. (I can't imagine having a name like Mike Smith, knowing there are myriad others whose name is the same as yours.)
For example, I recently got a call from Dave Baune in Vesta whose wife, Kathy, had been getting some calls from the friendly neighborhood gossips wondering about the DWI she got.
It wasn't that Kathy Baune. It was someone else with the same name. So, just be sure and get your information correct before making any assumptions, be-cause in most cases what you assume is probably wrong.

I had a great time riding along on a "speeder" with the NARCOA group June 15. (I'm hoping the rail authority gets one of those speeders.)
As one who has never had the chance to ride a passenger train this may be the closest I get.
One sure gets a different perspective by riding along a rail line at 20 miles an hour.
I think we could all use a ride on the rails if for no other reason than to just slow down and enjoy the view a little more often.