Every outdoorsman has a fish story or two they like to tell, but few have the kinds of stories Ron Schara is able to share....

Every outdoorsman has a fish story or two they like to tell, but few have the kinds of stories Ron Schara is able to share.
Schara, who has made a living hunting and fishing in Minnesota, shared some of his tales Thursday night before a crowd of nearly 150 locals at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Redwood Falls during the annual senior expo.

Schara was the keynote speaker at the expo, which also included a presentation on telling one’s own story by David Pichaske of SMSU in Marshall, a Relay For Life sponsored meal and vendors related to senior living.
Although Schara was the one telling the stories, as is most often the case his black lab, Raven, is the real center of attention.
“This is Raven III,” Schara said, adding it was her great-grandmother who got it started when she gave birth to the first Raven.
The two have become a hit across Minnesota, and Schara, who started his career as a newspaper columnist, has spent 18 years doing TV programs.
“I enjoy telling the stories of people,” Schara said, adding for him his adventures out fishing and hunting are really more about the people he meets.
Schara has met some very interesting people along the way, including a man from the Duluth area who took him fishing and could do nearly everything anyone else could do but had no hands or arms.
“He would put the minnow on the hook, cast out his line and reel them back in all with his feet,” said Schara.
Schara said he has been involved in outdoor adventures around the world, including fishing in the Amazon River and hunting in South Africa.
On one particular trip to Norway, Schara said he went hunting with a guide and another man, and their hunt led them to the coast where Schara saw the remnants of the German Army there. Barbed wire still lined the area, and gun placements were still set up.
Schara’s guide, a 29-year-old, told Schara his country appreciates the fact that America helped free them from the Germans during World War II.
Schara said even though that young man was not even born yet, he had been taught the lesson about how America and England had come to their aide.
Schara said he has learned to accept the fact that Raven gets most of the attention when he meets people, adding during a visit at the state fair a couple of old ladies were joking around with him about that.
While Schara said Raven might get most of the attention, at the end of the day he is the one whose name is on the check.