Why playing Cinderella's Father is yet another case of me being typecast in a Redwood Area Theatre production....

CORRECTION: The press releases for the Redwood Area Theatre (RAT) upcoming production of “Into the Woods” have some incorrect information.
The publicity that has been send out note that Steve Collins had been cast in the role of Cinderella’s Father.
That is not the case. The role has been recast. Mr. Collins will not be playing Cinderella’s Father.
I will. Yep, they talked me into being in another RAT show, my second.
The last time, when RAT did the musical “Anything Goes” I got typecast in the small role of “The Reporter”, the joke being I’m a reporter in real life.
I made a point of wearing loud, mismatching clothing, a fedora, and being real loud, pushy, and obnoxious.
This year, after I agreed to play the small role of Cinderella’s Father, everyone got mischievous smiles and said, “You realize what that means, don’t you?”
“No,” I said.
“You’re Lucinda and Florinda’s step-father.”
It took me a few seconds to do the mental math, then I rolled my eyes.
As it happens, the roles of Cinderella’s evil step-sisters — that is to say, Cinderella’s Father’s step-daughters — are being played by my real-life step-daughters Anna and Natalie Polak.
Zap! Typecast again!
. . . . .
Here’s my suggestion for a new attraction to bring tourists to Redwood Falls every year: a Renaissance Festival!
I won’t rest until I see knights in shining armor walking up and down the streets of Redwood Falls, and jousts being held at the intersection of Washington and E. Second Streets.
. . . . .
Second new tourist attraction: a museum dedicated to Grand Ole Opry star Minnie Pearl.
When doing the Backward Glances section a week or so ago, I was startled to discover that Minnie Pearl had brought her Grand Ole Opry show to the old Redwood Falls High School stage/gymnasium in 1963, the very same  stage/gymnasium I graduated on 19 years later!
Add to that the fact ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (of Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd fame) played a show in the National Guard Armory on E. Second Street, and I see the beginnings of another Branson here.
A century ago Redwood Falls had an opera house built above where GuidePoint Pharmacy and Big Buddies are now. We can do it again.
Come on Redwood! Let’s make it happen!
. . . . .
You have to take a test to prove you know how to drive, you have to take a test to prove you know how to be a doctor, or plumber, or hair stylist, you have to take a test to prove you know basic math to graduate from high school....
Isn’t it odd our politicians and bureaucrats aren’t required to take a test to show they have a basic understanding of the United States Constitution?