When the 2013 state legislative session came to an end, a number of new revenue options were presented for local units of government to consider, and one of those possibilities was discussed by the Redwood County board during its meeting Tuesday.
The option is known as a wheelage tax, and what it allows is for counties to charge an annual per vehicle tax of $10.
According to Priscilla Klabunde, information she learned revealed there are 17,400 registered vehicles in Minnesota, which would mean $174,000 in new revenue could be available to the county.
Klabunde said there are still a number of unknowns regarding the tax, adding the county has made no decision about whether or not it would implement the tax. There are currently a few metro area counties which have the wheelage tax in place.
The board members are going to continue researching the idea and are planning to discuss the idea again at a future board meeting before any final decision is made.